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The 8-bit Screwed Pastel World of Deladeso

ilustrace: Deladeso

Sometimes the discovery of new fresh artists is a hell of a journey. I am glad I found Deladeso for you and convinced him to do an interview (beside his fucked up drawing of Bounce! Bounce! picture of course). Here you go! 



What is the story of Deladeso?
I was Djing and producing as Desolate which means deserted of people, I'm hispanic so I threw "Dela" which means (of the) in front of it.

I was really into 8-bit chiptune music making all my own artwork/videos and what not. It seemed like DJing blew up and got super technical I didn't like how trending it was becoming. I jumped ship right away and been hiding away drawing all sorts of random crap.
How did your style of drawing evolve? Were you doing nasty things to photos of people before?
When you do graphic design you basically work off photos. I would get frustrated and just slap crap over drawings for fun.

I'm big fan of George Romero and like everything about zombies. Started working with typography making words all grimey and Tumblr has so many images from around the globe with people just posting so many random pictures, It's hard not to get inspired off it. I focus my stuff on pastel colors because to me its just easy to look at.
What do you use to draw over those photos?
Sometimes sketches, mostly photoshop/illustrator.
I hate telling people how I do it, I get asked by people on instagram and tumblr. If you want to learn something you'll learn it, it seems like people want everything handed to them. I have to take under consideration that most of the peeps are young and still learning so I just tell them. I ain't shit so I shouldn't treat people like shit.
You have been becoming pretty big now, i heard that famous mags/zines want you now...?
Yeah Idk I just keep doing what I do. It's dope and I stay broke. Hahaha.
Just kidding, yeah It's really good press and gets my name out there.
I wanna do more collabs; I get a chance to meet more artists this way.
There have been fans sending your photos with #putoface - how is it like looking at that disparate mixture? Do you feel proud you are an inspiration for people to play?
Its awesome!!!! I love giving fans their shout-outs, it makes other people want it even more. Im not an apparel brand, everything is made to order. To me they are just band shirts!!!
Your favorite artists, filmmakers, musicians...?
Chuck Close is a pretty awesome american artist/Roy Lichtenstien/Francis Bacon was super grimey. Giorgio Moroder!!! Grimes, Neon Indian, The Zombies, Child Pornography. Quentin Dupieux is a really inspirational filmmaker and musician. Tarantino, Scorsese Nicolas Winding Refn is killing it films!!!
Your favorite piece is...?
I did Chuck Close a while ago I put 5 prints online only because I don't really want anyone to have it hahaha. Super Limited!
What are you doing when you are not drawing or skating?
Chillin with my Love (Naorev). Watch films and taste different beers.
Drugs, drink, smoke - yes or no?
Of Course.
You have been pretty active on Instagram. Do you consider to be of special importance to today's culture?
These are all great and amazing tools that have been given to us to use for free!!! Use that shit!
Do you want to become a full time artist (or are you already), and do you think you will be making this weird art in 10 years time?
Idk it's weird when people call themselves artists. I like drawing but it is really the only thing I do. I'd like to leave some kind of mark in the world though.
What if all those slimey faces come alive and come to haunt you?
Bring it!!!! Idk I don't think past today.
Anything else you would like to add?
Pretty much thanks to everyone that thanks for the support!!!
And remember that The Lame Will Always Filter Itself Out!!!!

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