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Gor Flsh: I'm a producer before everything but live gigs let me have fun

You might have heard of him already.
The young Canadian producer named Raphael a.k.a. Gor Flsh has been making pretty interesting music. We have interviewed him a few months ago when he did his debut album.
This Saturday, his DJ mix will be aired exclusively on Radio 1 here in Prague.
He made it for our show called BUZZ. Buzz is being broadcast every fortnight at 91,9 FM in Praue area and via worldwide. So it was kind of natural to ask him about the state of Gor Flsh, here and now.
What have you been up to?
Lately, I've been working on a couple of remixes and I've started my second LP. I'm taking it relaxed, I'm not in a rush to release the LP2...I want it to be a considerable upgrade compared to the first one. It will still be Deathmetal / Sludge influenced Electro Thrash but I'll try to incorporate new elements from drone, ambiant and post-hardcore. I also want it to incorporate a lot more vocals, I want it to sound more natural. So, it will be a bit more personal this time.

Favourite track of the moment, or three?

I like everything Dizkodeath and Tim Tonik release... On another hand I listen to a lot of sludge band like Sleep and Electric Wizard. Also the first album of the Canadian band "Skip The Foreplay" is pretty damn sweet if you enjoy the Metal + Electronic thing.

Your dream band?

Gör FLsh: The Live Band featuring Justin K. Broadrick and Karel Buriánek.

Best software for making music, or DJing?

I make everything in Reason, I don't know if it's the best one ever but it's the one I felt in love with. As for DJ soft, I do not consider myself a DJ at all... so I wouldn't know... I'm using Mixmeister Fusion at my live gigs, it let me focus on the crowd and do sweet mixes even if I have no talent / interest in DJing. Don't take me wrong, I love to play live. It's just that learning how to beatmatch 2 songs on vinyl or CDJ and do every kind of tricks in between doesn't interest me. I'm a producer before everything but live gigs let me have fun with my supporters and that's priceless!

Most bizarre facebook/twitter/email reaction to your stuff?

The hate comments are always the best. lol. I had people telling me that I was making music that sounded like some bad Industrial from the 90s... The funny thing is that my name is coming from the 90s Industrial Metal band GOD FLESH. One of my most influential band ever.

What's in the pipeline for 2013?

Expect the second LP at the end of it, more remixes and some singles on the road to it and I dream of coming to Europe to play as many gigs possible! Oh and Jet Set Trash should release a remix EP of my first LP, it should be cool!

How satisfied have you been with reactions to your recent output?
Can you make Kay finish your collaboration?:)

I had some great reactions! Lots of them... but the first LP certainly is the thing that had the most impact. Anyway, it's always cool to see people comments and enjoy your songs even when you're doing something different, you really want to do and without compromise.
8. It's all up to him I might have (a) better song(s) for him to play with through!

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