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Gor Flsh: It's fun to break stuff

pic: Gor Flsh

Gor Flsh is a rather unusual project. Metal, electro and other genres thrown at you by a young Canadian producer.

After hearing his tracks and a mixtape done for Kay's Evil Heat show at Radio Wave I just had to interview the guy. Here is what he told Special thanks to Kay for facilitating the whole thing. INSIDER INFO: There are talks about Kay singing on one of Gor Fls'h new tracks, stay tuned!


You can listen to his whole album, out now, here.


(Czech version of the interview coming soon-ish!)



Is Gor Flsh a one-man project, and for how long has it been going?

I produce the music alone but at live gigs I'm almost always sharing the stage with my good friend Donald Gagnon. He's a lightning technician, so he make sure the live gigs are as much for the ears than for the eyes. We used to play in a band together, he was the drummer, so from time to time he'll do some additional programing on the drum machines for the songs.


Your soundcloud page says you were in metal bands before - what was it like, and what did you play?

I've been in a few bands (Death Metal & Post-Hardcore) on keys or vocals, but really I guess I'm not much of a band person... I've never been totally satisfied with any of my previous bands. I guess I like to have total control over my music.


How did the label Jet Set Trash find you?

Through Zak of, the guy is always on the hunt for heavy electronic music to feature on his blog. So, he contacted me to know if I could produce a song (Grindclub) for his first compilation that would be released on Jet Set Trash. They liked it a lot, so they asked me to make an EP for them, so did I. 


Is Gor Flsh a nod to Godflesh, and are Godflesh cool with it?.)

It certainly is, GODFLESH is one of my favorite band of all time! I never heard Justin K. Broadrick talk about me... Would be cool through, even if it's in bad!


What was the moment when you said to yourself  "I wanna make music"?

I've been lucky to be surrounded by music loving people all my life. My parents and my friends always shared this passion. So, I pretty much always have been doing music, it always been one of my favorite hobbies.


Who were/are your music/pop-culture heroes (even animated characters from games count)?

As said before, I'm a big fan of Justin K. Broadrick and all his work, not only GOD FLESH... As pop-culture goes, my favorite movie Hero is Ash from the Evil Dead Trilogy. The guy has a fuckin chainsaw at the place of a hand, how could anyone be more bad ass than that.


I am tremendously interested in the track Masochist - how did this song take shape, how did it evolve from the first idea to this insane banger (and how did you meet Hypomaniacs?).

At the time I was working on a song named "Dilapidate", it was almost finished but I felt like something was missing from it. Then one day I heard the song "Breach" by the Hypomaniacs and loved it! I asked them if they would like to finish it and they were super interested. They added their magic to the song and "Masochist" was born! Simple as that hehe. BTW, my next EP will have another song featuring them and "Dilapidate" will be on the remix EP of the Self-Titled album.


You live in Canada, The Hypomaniacs hail from Johannesburg and your label is English. Do you people actually meet sometimes, or is all the collaboration done virtually?

Unfortunately, all virtually... through I would love to share a beer with all these guys in the same room!


Would you ever play at the Olympics?

I would for sure, but only when the Olympics will take place in HELL.


Do you keep a day job, and if so, what is it? (If you want to talk about it, that is.)

I'm a computer technician / sales man. I actually love it, I'm not like the guy who hates his job and dreams of living of his music. Music to me is a hobby. If one day I can live from it, awesome. And If not, I don't really care.


Do you have any podcasts or radio shows people can listen to? Apart from the Soundcloud page.

No, I'm really bad at promoting my music. lol.


You have an album out - is it your first album (i dunno about bands you have been in before, so here is why i am asking this) - do you expect it to become a big thing, or do you rely more on tracks / singles because for some, the album format is kinda dead?

It's the first official release I ever made, I had like free demo EPs before but this is my first "serious" release. I'm not expecting anything from it, it's a collection of the best songs I made in the past year. I'm not aiming at impressing anyone. If it does well: great. If not, I don't care I'll make another one anyway. I think a full album still has a big impact, but the downside of it (as the artist) is that some tracks will not get the recognition it should have had because they are not as shiny or heavy as others on the album.


What are your shows like? Is it a DJ set + mad lights, or do you also play "live", maybe with other musicians?

DJ set + mad lights, is a good part of the live act. Destruction is another, we like to break stuff on stage for no reason, just because it's fun to break stuff and fun to watch people break stuff! You can also expect me to scream shit in the mic and jump in the crowd to start mosh pits... we want it to be as chaotic as possible! Beyond that, Donald would like to play the drums live, so it's something you can expect in the next year.


Who makes your visuals? My friend saw your cover and spontaneously said "hehe, wow that is a hairy thing":-)

The logo and the album cover are by Corto Martial The guy is sick, watch him out! I wanted a "grinding" cover that would really reflect my sound and he delivered! I also like how it "pops-out" in Beatport, pretty different from the usual electro album art!


Are there any new releases or collaborations on the way, and who will you be remixing next?

As said before, my next EP will have another song featuring the Hypomaniacs. Also, I started something with Hantise too, pretty brutal so far. In the last weeks I've remixed FetOo, Against Time & Kaos, Beurk! and Tim Tonik. All of this should be out in the next months. Other than that, I'm working with Jet Set Trash on a remix EP of my album.


What is so great about making music that make you put so much time and energy into it?

Nothing in particular, it entertains me and that's enough for me!


Last words? 


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