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PLS DNT STP: "Our goal is to work with our friends as much as possible."

artwork: PLS DNT STP

PLS DNT STP are a heavy bass project from Philly. 
We want people to hear their music and know what they are doing. So, here is an interview (expect a Czech version tomorrow) and they are also making an exclusive mix for BUZZ the radio show.  
It shall be broadcast tomorrow at 9 PM on Prague's Radio One. Stay tuned.


What have you been up to?

Things have been like a whirlwind lately. 2013 looks to be a big one. We wrapped up a remix for the new Designer Drugs album. The single is called Space Based and should be out soon on Ultra. We've got a huge Horror Trap release lined up for Play Me records, along with a new video. That should drop around march. We're also working on a free release EP for our Homies FALSE Brand clothing. They are based out of Singapore and do some really off the wall clothing. We also have some production stuff in the works with Alvin Risk's radically talented sister, Painted Face. Not a huge amount of details we can share about that at the moment, but stay tuned. We're really trying to step away from strictly dubstep. It was a fun starting point for us but genres are dead. Ride the wave.


Favorite track of the moment, or three?

Dirty Dog - Murda (Thomas)

The Knife - Like a Pen (Freddie)


Your dream band?

Danzig on main vocals/piano

Thurston Moore on guitar

The Neptunes on drum programming

Giorgio Moroder on song writing

Tiga as the vibe sayer

Featuring Biz Markie on backup vocals


Best software for making music and also for DJing?

We're pretty invested in Serato for DJ'n. It's perfect for tag teaming. But if we have to burn some CD's and rock the CDJ's so be it. For production we usually stick with Logic or Protools. A lot of our music ideas do not rely on a single program. 


Most bizarre facebook/twitter/email reaction to your stuff?

We did a bootleg of Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand called "Charlie Sheen." The bootleg ended up being used in an article about advertising, infringements, and song rights. It was a great write up, and a completely unexpected response to a cheeky bootleg we did on a whim.



What's in the pipeline for 2013?

Other than the stuff we mentioned earlier, our goal is to work with our friends as much as possible. Lots of colab stuff for SEX CULT. And some secret business with Designer Drugs. Even though we're branching out on other labels, we're still trying to support SEX CULT as much as possible. Designer Drugs have really invested a lot of time and energy into making the label something unique.


Do you like pizza? Is pizza your religion? Is pizza watching over you?

I want to know Slice and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his deliciousness, becoming like him in his death. Endboss 3:10


How did you come up with the band name?

A few years back we took a trip to the desert and consumed some Peyote. After what seemed like days of wandering, a minotaur appeared to us. He was unable to speak but we were able to use our minds to communicate with this mythical being. We asked him, "What does it all mean?" His reply "PLS DNT STP"



Your FB page says there is a tour going on... how is it going so far?

We're just doing a lot of stuff on the east coast in the US for now. The goal is to finish as much stuff as possible before the summer then really hit the road, reloaded with next level material.

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