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Andrew Tremblay: "Logos are fun."

foto: Andrew Tremblay

Andrew Tremblay is a young and extremely promising illustrator. He is American but works for Czech clients too. You might know his posters for the Bounce! Bounce! parties or his newest artwork, a logo for BUZZ, the new radio show at Radio 1 in Prague.

Let him introduce himself:

We have seen your posters for the Bounce! Bounce! events and liked it lots. What have you been doing before that?

I started working with the Bounce Bounce crew after Kay messaged me. I was just starting to push my design label “Unknown Planet” and I was doing a lot of artwork with Sex Cult Records. It was my first legitimate attempt at selling my own name as a designer. I was a student the previous year but I was in a rough place and had to come back home.

Where are you from, actually, and where you live now? Do you plan to stay?

I am actually from Cincinnati, Ohio and that is where I happen to be living right now. It’s a small city in the Midwest. I was in New York City for three years prior. I am in a point where I need a substantial change. There are so many things that I want to do.
Prague is looking tempting these days haha.

Do you have any formal training such as an art school, or are you self-taught?

I technically have formal art training. I went to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, studying illustration. I have recently started taking classes at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and I’m excited about that. I enjoy being in school.

That being said, I often feel like I only get better as an artist when honing my skill on my own. It’s an unusual thing to say but, the only way I’ve ever learned anything, is by doing it the hardest possible way. Teaching myself out of rock bottom. The only way I make connections and understand the world around me is by figuring out how I can change it to be what I want. I don’t really learn things in a traditional sense. My family always told me that I never really learned lessons. Makes sense to me now ha.

What is so great about drawing that makes you do it over and over again?

Drawing is therapeutic. I’ve never been able to write or type something that came into my head, and then be able to remember what it was I was thinking about. Drawing is my only real tool for communication. Without it, I would be a mute. It’s just my way of coping with the dynamics of life and putting what is in my head, on paper.

Which techniques are you using, and which one do you like the most?

I typically like to work with pen and ink or pencil. I just like to be able to take my art anywhere to work. I do enjoy working with paint from time to time as well as markers. It depends really on what kind of piece I’m working on.

You have a musical project, too. What sort of stuff are you playing?

Yes I do. I produce electro music as STRNGR (stranger). Just heavy epic rave music ha. I listened to metal and punk all my life as well as electronic music and I really want to make my unique interpretation. I was never much of the club type. I’m a bit introverted for a dj.

Who are your favorite artists, both in the fine arts sense, and music?

I don’t even know to begin. There are so many. Nate Van Dyke is probably my biggest contemporary influence. He’s just a down to Earth guy who creates beautiful work whatever way he can. He’s an artist that you can tell his personal ideas are coming through his work. Very inspirational.

What is in your iPod right now (or in any other portable thing, hehe)?

Andrew Tremblay Celebrity Playlist:
1. F.O.O.L
2. Redial
3. Ese & Zain
4. Carcass
5. Atari Teenage Riot
6. Danger
7. Kloaks
8. Chairlift
9. Monolith
10. The Boomzers
11. Eurythmics
12. IllSaintM

You designed a tattoo for Kay, how did this happen and what are the difefrences between doing a poster, a tattoo, or a logo?

Kay, has helped me out a lot for some time now. I owe him. He makes things happen haha. If he wants me to draw a satanic occult tattoo for him, it would be my pleasure. I have a sketchbook filled with everything from tattoo designs to comics to logos. It never ends. I really don’t make clean artwork to be framed. I draw on whatever paper I can find. I like it better that way. Every drawing is special in a really disorganized sort of way.

We also heard about your collab with Ican Harem: A zine. What zine?

Oh yes, I am very excited about this one. Ican just messaged me saying he wanted to do some art. I’m a fan. It’s in the planning stages haha. I’ve been taking care of a bunch of last minute projects before school. I’m sure we will be breaking ground soon though. Made a logo so far and a comic/illustration thing haha

You have made logo(s) for our new radio show called Buzz. How did it go??:)

I feel like you should tell me how it went haha. I enjoyed the project. Logos are fun. Still playing with ideas. I never really stop. I’m excited to be working some designs out for IllSaintM right now. Still in the sketch phase but I’m pretty pumped. Logos are just a nice way to keep yourself refreshed on basic design principals. Practice makes perfect.

Are you listening to a radio station, or have you been? Any memorable radio experiences?

Well, I cannot say I listen to much radio, at least not around here. If there is a station I should check out, I am always interested in finding new jams. I’ve been particularly fond of the Evil Heat Radio show as of late. They have some pretty cool up and coming people. I’m digging that STRNGR guy haha

Your tumblr page says "ALIEN TO OUR OWN". How did you come up with this tagline?

The title Unknown Planet just comes from my personal disposition as an artist trying to both express himself and reach out to an audience. I was never a very extroverted person. I was the quiet, keep to himself guy, still am for the most part. I always found it difficult to be able connect with people, some more than others. It was always as if I was on the outside looking in. I never knew how to participate in society so that I could appreciate others and be appreciated in return, at least not that I’ve been able to pick up on. I’m a socially awkward person, anybody who knows me can probably get that. I just feel like I am unable to relate with the rest of the world sometimes. I feel so many things are just weird and twisted about the way people act but I feel like everyone sees me as being the outsider. So my artwork is a train-of-thought of what I see in the world.

Your most treasured possession?

My artwork and my Godzilla action figures.

What are you afraid of?

Being talked about behind my back and becoming alienated. Or being paranoid of being talked about behind my back and becoming crazy.

Plans for the coming months?

School and whatever good things may come my way, financially, personally, anything.

What are you doing against the gray?

Drawing mostly. Trying to meet people and have fun.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Thank you for asking such good questions. I really appreciate the support. I cannot express that enough.


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