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"I enjoy making people happy with"

How a man from Sydney came to the Czech Republic to teach English.
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Mr. Conversation isa CELTA certified English teacher from Sydney, Australia. Everybody can join him, aka Mr Conversation, on his facebook or on a news blog. Doesn’t matter where are you from or which language you are talking, it is only important to be interested in the English Language. We chatted with him about the pages and his findings.
How did you get this idea to create Mr. Conversation?
On a whim... it seemed like a fun project to teach people through Facebook and my website. I enjoy the internet and I’ve noticed most English language teaching web sites are boring and uninteresting, so I thought I’d show people you can have fun and learn at the same time.

When did you “open” your web page and facebook?
The doors, metaphorically speaking, to my web page opened in April of this year I think. My Facebook site was earlier, around 2011. It all started with

At the beginning, how many students did you have?
I started with only a few, 2-3 students. But eventually started working for a school and soon the number increased.

Where do they (your students) come from?
Here in Prague, most are Czechs, I have a few Slovaks and one Russian student. In Australia I taught Chinese, South Americans and Saudi Arabians to name a few.

What is your “education plan” for your students? Or you are working intuitively with everyone?
It’s different for everybody. For example, some need intensive grammar to pass a test for work or school, whilst others just need to improve their speaking and pronunciation skills. I have a broad range of students, with different English language skills and life experience. You need to be flexible for your students and customize the lessons to make them a positive learning experience.

How many students are you having in these days?
Over summer it’s a bit quieter teaching, but it can vary from about 20 onwards. It really depends on good I am at scheduling.

What are you doing if you are not Mr. Conversation? Like do you have another job?
I just teach English, it’s a job and a hobby.

This project (= Mr. Conversation) are you doing by yourself or you have a co-worker?
The whole project is mine, but occasionally I’ll recruit a colleague to help me with the teaching.

You are from Sydney. How did you get to Prague?
It was a long walk! No, just kidding. I’ve always dreamt of living and working in Europe and I thought the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic, would be a perfect place to start Mr Conversation.

What do you like about Prague?
I like so many things, what a great place to live! Of course I have to say the beer, food and the laid back lifestyle. But culturally it’s a fascinating place, I love hiking in the countryside and meeting people.

What do you like about Sydney?
The beaches mostly. On hot days I used to enjoy going down to Coogee beach for a quick swim.

Your biggest dream?
It may not seem like much, but it was coming to the Czech Republic and teaching English. So my next dream would be to create one of the best English language schools in the Czech Republic.

What makes you happy?
Every moment that I spend with my dog, friends and family makes me happy.

Tell us, what are you doing against “the gray of life”?
Call it a cliche, but it’s true, I enjoy making people happy with
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