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Interview: O.Children

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The great O.Children answering's questions. Brilliant gig  @ United Islands in Prague it was.
Seems like your new album (a great one we must say) is catching up pretty nicely with the press and radio. Do you feel this is some kind of a breakthrough?
Tobi: I don't think we see it as much of a breakthrough as it is just a natural progression. The first album did very well, and this album seems to have reached an even broader audience. Also we feel really lucky that press and audiences have embraced it and all the reviews have been positive. We really didn't know what to expect.
Do you think you are part of a "scene", or you are more sort of doing your own thing?
Sometimes I wish we were part of a scene but that is not the case. In London, I guess you have a load of different 'tribes' and groups of friends. We have our friends that we hang out with but they do not make the same music as us, if they make music at all. We're doing our own thing.
What are the most memorable moments in O.Childrens' history?
Playing with Gary Numan, partying with Josh Homme and Queens of the Stone Age and Nick Launay, making 2 albums. But I guess the most exciting moment was playing our 1st ever international show. We went to Bucharest and played in front of like 3000 people. That has never happened to us before so it will take us a while to forget. It also got us so hyped for United Islands Festival. It's going to be a great weekend.  
Is it true what the reviews say, about being trapped in a cell because of some expired visa? Must have been terrible.
It was the worst. Basically my Visa has expired when I was a child and no one ever told me. The police stopped me one day and it all came out. I had to spend 4 days in a cell and 2 years in the UK while fighting in a court battle against the home office. Luckily it's all over now and we can move on with the band and see the world!
How tall are you, actually? :)
6'8" last time I checked but to be honest I could be taller!
Is it still possible to obtain any Bono Must Die t-shirts? 
I saw one on ebay 3 years ago. It sold for £50 which for a t-shirt that cost nothing to make is pretty crazy. Good luck. If you ever come across one please let me know.
Is Nick Cave aware there is a band named after his song, and what does he think? :)
Well Nick Launay (who produces a lot of Nick Cave and Grinderman records) was in the studio with him and told him about us. Apparently he played one of our songs to Nick Cave and he just… shrugged. That's good enough for us to be honest. Actually we party with his son quite a lot as well, but I don't think we ever told him our band is named after his dad.
What do your live shows look like?
We like to have a lot of energy in our shows. I guess because we're still getting to grips with playing new material to new audiences it can be a bit weird. I think we just want to get a lot of energy and love in the room. Then we'll focus on lasers and fireworks.
Do you plan for any remixes?
We've heard 2 so far. One of those by Hannah Holland is probably one of the best things I've ever heard anyone else do with our music. Hopefully soon we can make them happen.
How did the artwork for your new record happen?
Our good friend and collaborator Sam Coldy made it happen again. He's got an amazing eye and is very understanding when you try to describe something to him. With the first record I basically did a horrible sketch on a piece of paper. He took it home and made it beautiful. The exact same thing happened with this one.
What is the band's drink of choice?
Rum and alcoholic Ginger Beer. It's called a 'Dark n Stormy.'
Best places to find great music?
To be honest, the internet. If you know what you're looking for. And also at your favourite clubs and from the mouths of your friends.
What is the best place to listen to O.Children?
With this new record? In your lovers arms, I guess.
O.Children play the United Islands festival this weekend. The entry is free. Their sophomore album called Apnea is out now.

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