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Fashion and Style Q+A: Singer Tamar Aphek

Tamar Aphek first distinguished herself as the singer/guitar player of “Carusella”, as well as the singer and guitar player for “Shoshana”. She’s held hundreds of concerts in Europe and the U.S, opening for bands such as “The Editors”, “Deerhof”, “Monotonix”. She will sing on FREE MONDAYS at Roxy on Monday 31th of March. Here are her answers to our usual Q:
Your definition of Fashion and definition of Style?
Fashion is like buying a ready made cake. Style is more like taking a taste from a cake and getting some sort of inspiration to make your own.
What do you like most about your job?
I think I enjoy the producing side the most. It forces me to think about myself and others at the same time.
How do you recharge your batteries?
I read a random paragraph from „ The book of disquiet“ by Fernando Pessoa.
What makes you happy?
Understanding at least some of the past.
Preventing stereotypes?
I think you can say gray is what happens when something isn’t black or white. So I just try to find the black and white parts of the situation. Mostly the white.
You can taste her music here.

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