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Fashion and Style Q+A: Singer Sara Jackson Holman

It is literally from out of the blue that pianist/singer-songwriter Sara Jackson-Holman was launched onto the national music scene. She will sing on FREE MONDAYS at Roxy on Monday 7th of April. Here are her answers to our usual Q:
Definition of Fashion and definition of Style?
Fashion is what is currently trendy, whereas style is your own unique interpretation and presentation of yourself. My style is bohemian glam.
What do you like most about your job?
I feel very lucky to be a musician. I pretty much love all aspects of it. I enjoy being creative and turning art into a way of life, as stressful as it can be sometimes.
How do you recharge your batteries?
Quiet time! Lighting candles or a bath or reading or going for a walk. Anything where my brain has space to process things.
What makes you happy?
Being near the people I love. And my cat, who is the greatest creature in the world.
Preventing stereotypes?
Whatever I want! I've always been a very independent thinker, and I stay true to that. I question everything and trust that my intuition will lead me better than conforming to other's expectations.
Facebook of Sara Jackson- Holman.


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