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Fashion and Style Q+A: Indie/pop band Chronic City

Chronic City is a songwriting/production team consisting of two members. They are working on basic song structures and develop them with friends to songs and sound installations. They will sing on FREE MONDAYS at Roxy on Monday 17th of March. Here are their answers to our usual Q:
Definition of Fashion and definition of Style?
Bryan Ferry.
Your personal style doesn't have to be linked to the time when you're born and live in. It's legitimate to have a role model, who already developed its style decades ago.
What do you like most about your job?
When you're standing totally exhausted on a stage in front of an enthusiastic crowd. Then you know - it's the best job in the world. Unfortunately it's not our main occupation.
How do you recharge your batteries?
Sleep, love, good food, a good party: just change the everyday pattern.
What makes you happy?
A great piece of music, randomly.
The moment, when you unwrap your newest piece of your musicequipment.
Delicious food.
The first drink after a successful gig.
See new places.
Preventing stereotypes?
Yeah, change the everyday pattern. You should wake up in the morning and do the first thing that comes to your mind – at least as often as possible and hopefully in accordance with your local laws and average moral standards. Or, in a nutshell: Do what makes you happy. Follow your instincts. Enjoy yourself.
Web of Chronic City.
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