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pic by Dandy Riots

Dandy Riots is a jump up bass music, remix and DJ project. We chatted with Steven, the only member. He also runs the COME collective, create visuals and design clothing.
The guy has been kind enought to make an exclusive DJ mix for us. We will air it this Saturday in BUZZ on Prague's Radio 1 (alonside another exclusive mixtape by the Al Gore Rhythm Method whom we interviewed earlier). Both acts are releasing stuff on Sex Cult label. Let's make it a 'battle' then. 
So, Steven...

What have you been up to?
I've been busy working away in my studio on lots of new tracks that will be out over the coming months.
Favourite track of the moment, or three?
ALVARO - Pay Attention to the Drums (Alex Louder Trap Flip)
Waka Flocka feat Wale & Roscoe - No Handz (CRNKN Remix)
Your dream band?
I play the drums live for a band called Young Fathers. Their music works well on and off the dance floor and has lots of energy. They're ma best pals too so they're probably my dream band.
Best software for making music and for DJing?
I produce all my tracks in Ableton. I like how versatile it is when it comes to production and live use.
The new video feature has come in handy too. For DJing I use PCVJDJ as I sometimes incorporate visuals into my sets. It allows me to control the visuals and the music all on the same interface. If I do a live set with Boko (the MC on the Indulge EP) I'll use Ableton and link up a trigger pad, kaossilator and run the vocals with cued FX through it.
Most bizarre facebook/twitter/email reaction to your stuff?
I’ve had a couple of Facebook messages from a nice fellow who likes to describe the sounds of the tracks through the use of capital letters, excessive punctuation and made up words. For example:
“Then the death star beams from the build up…”
He always gives me a good laugh.
What's in the pipeline for 2013?
I'm going to put out a series of free tracks and play more gigs. The first free track, FVCKED UP, was just released last week. The next one will be a part of a compilation of Scottish Producers presented by Zzzap. Gig wise there will be some UK dates coming up and the possibility of a mini tour in South Africa. I've just moved to Glasgow so would be good to get a DJ residency somewhere here too.
Is it hard making music solo? Any collabs you are planning?
You can get stuck in a rut working by yourself but I've got a few friends working as producers who listen to each other’s work and give feedback. I've been talking to a few guys from Sex Cult about future collabs which could be an interesting mix of styles and some other great producers and MCs too.
How did you come up with your clothing line, what inspired you and how is it going?
I used to run a club night in Edinburgh. I'd design the flyers and make t-shirts to promote the events. The clothing line grew from the promo t-shirts into more refined designs. I'm planning to make a new collection later in the year that includes the music within the design through an augmented reality app.
Will the T-shirt with the HUGE mouth be available ever again?
It was one of the most popular designs so I might give it a wee revamp and make it part of the new collection.

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