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The First Ride of Ride for Happiness

photo: organizer

Simple idea!
Simple Ride for Happiness!

We are a creative team of activists with different backgrounds, coming mainly from Roma communities – involved in arts, sports, street culture and strongly dedicated to social causes who believe that it really just takes a good will of people, solidarity and positive, creative approach to make the world a more happy place for all of us.
The idea of Ride for Happiness is simple - using our diverse skills like skateboarding, arts, visuals and literature and through creative ideas that bring people together, we try to involve different companies, institutions and other interested people who want to bring a little bit of joy to children, young people and whole communities and inspire them to climb higher in their life.
We are aiming to become a Huge Community of Riders for Happiness! People connecting with each other, willing to throw in some of their own resources and skills because they want to do some good around them - supporting kids and communities around the globe with positive vibe and through a creative approach.
Because, for sure you know someone, who knows someone, who knows, that there is someone, who has something or needs something... that could be used for the good of others ! ;-)
The First Ride!
The entire Team has experience of working for different social, sport and art organizations, structures, companies and initiatives. We are a bit tired of constant applications, strict-rules or ‘’the business’’ around it all, feeling that the values and the spirit often gets lost somewhere along the way. We wanted to realize our ideas of working with people based more on Family values of solidarity, trust and support, born from honest will and interest of people to do something good for our communities, our children and families in a really effective way.
So one evening, Lukas Danek, one of the top Czech skaters, talked to people in the skateboarding world about the idea of Ride for Happiness. People from VANS, Restart Skateboards and Jaw Dikh! joined in straight away!
It turned out that VANS has a few hundred pairs of kids shoe-samples that are collecting dust in the magazine and which we could possibly use (otherwise they would be destroyed!- Can You imagine?) We thought – What a perfect way to make few hundred kids absolutely happy with a new pair of shoes!
Restarst Skateboards threw in almost 20 skateboards for kids to try them out on a happy ride and to make their own designs all over the boards! Jaw Dikh! provided art materials, huge amount of creativity and fantastic artists for the Ride! After settling few details, having the shoes, boards and the program designed, we reached out to some local kinder gardens and communities in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland who were more than willing for us to come and spread some happiness around! And that’s how it all started rolling!!
It´s not just about the shoes, the skateboards and having fun – it´s a way to inspire kids and youth to do more, to aim higher and to dream bigger. We use this as a learning experience too – we motivate kids to study, be creative and get active, teach them basic sport and arts skills, and inspire them to self-develop in any way they can HOW.
We are open!
We are open to all who would like to support us in any way possible. We are able to use anything in our work. Try us out! Give us your product, support us financially, send us your ideas, join us in the projects with your skills and if it all clicks! We can do Magic together ;-).
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