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Q+A: Bulgarian photographer Vania

foto: Vania Driankova

Her name is Vania and she was born in Bulgaria. For the last 5 years she has been living in Prague. Before this she lived in Greece for 11 years. After living in these different countries she feels like a child of the World. Right now she is photographer, but first of all she is a mother. You can find her at
Your definition of Fashion and your definition of Style?
Fashion is like when someone offers you a luxury box of chocolate bonbons and style is when you choosing which bonbon to take.
What do you like most about your job?
The fact that I can combine a lot of different things together. Things that I believe I’m good in.
How do you recharge your batteries?
Maybe it’s a boring answer, but while sleeping. Having two little children you can really appreciate relaxing and sleeping.
What makes you happy?
Making others happy.
Preventing stereotypes?
Way to prevent them? Just love and make your stereotypes pleasant. I love my life. :-)

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