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Facebook blocks Laibach

pic: Anton Furs

Facebook threatened to ‘permanently disable’ Laibach’s Band Page this week, after the Slovenian industrial techno legends uploaded a concert poster the social networking site deemed offensive.


Writing on Facebook soon after the 24 hour temporary suspension was lifted, the band responded in typically superlative style.


“Dear friends (and enemies),” said Laibach.


“We were temporarily blocked from posting content on Facebook, because we published a picture of a naked women with breasts - an art poster announcement for the 300.000 VK concert event (see here: 


“Just so you know that if we ever quit Facebook, it'll be because we decided for breasts instead,” they continued.


“If they close our Facebook page follow our website ( stay in touch.”


The band play live at Berlin’s Berghain on September 19 where they’ll be presumably showcasing their new collection “An Introduction to Laibach / Reproduction Prohibited”. The Greatest hits style album includes their covers of Warme Lederhaut (Warm Leatherette), the Final Countdown and greatest track of all, Life is Life (recorded in 1987). 

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