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Ambitious multi-media performance project underway in Prague

photo: organizer

This winter sees the launch of a groundbreaking inter-disciplinary performance project from Prague Shakespeare Company and A Broad’s Way Productions entitled the Mary Stuart Project. Film, fashion, theatre, choreography, music and photography will all be combined in a vast, international culmination of artistic talent.
The long-term final goal of the project is an experimental feature film. In the more immediate future it has been taken under the wing of Prague Shakespeare Company’s Artistic Lab series in order to develop the concept before shooting commences. The project boasts a variety of different outputs including a series of live, interactive events on December 16 -19th 2014 at the Divadlo Kolowrat in Prague. Tickets are on sale now via the Prague Shakespeare website here or via
At the centre of the project is German playwright Frederich Schiller’s classic play Mary Stuart. The story of two royal cousins, Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I as they ‘face-off’ before the judgment of a powerful, influential, and status-hungry court.
This avant-garde adaptation of the classic text has been transported to the high-stakes, high-profile arena of a couture fashion runway event with Czech designer Jiří Kalfar creating a bespoke fashion line exclusively for the production that the actors will wear on stage during the play.
Film plays a major role on stage during the live event with footage being shot live during the production and cameramen integral to the action. On the collaboration between theatre, film and other mediums, the project’s Czech film director David Kočar says: “It’s a unique oscillation between theatre, fashion and film and it feels very fragile, modern, and innovative.”
The project is the brainchild of American producer and director Lindsay Taylor who says: “This experimental project will push the boundaries of the typical film and theatre process, exploring the way images and information are perceived. Through celebrating the multiple creative mediums involved, the piece will propel this classic into a futuristic arena that reflects on modern-day themes of gender, celebrity, privacy, power, corruption and betrayal.”
Guy Roberts, CEO and Artistic Director of the Prague Shakespeare Company told us, "The vision Lindsay and her great team of artists have created perfectly embodies the spirit of our Artistic Lab Series - developing new and innovative work influenced by the classical canon while simultaneously nurturing individual company member's creative growth, allowing everyone the opportunity to take risks in an artistically safe and supportive environment."
About A Broad’s Way Productions: A Broad’s Way Productions is an innovative English-language theatre company based in Prague. Our productions are original or adapted works of inventive, entertaining, and thoughtful theatre that reflect and comment on Prague and the people who inhabit our inspiring city! We collaborate with directors, writers, actors, artists, and technicians, whether professional or amateur, and incorporate many different backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints. We create performances that are multidimensional including elements of theatre, film, music, dance, and photography. A Broad’s Way’s Productions is dedicated to organic expression and achievement through a spirit of teamwork and community.
About Prague Shakespeare Company: The Prague Shakespeare Company (PSC) presents professional theatre productions, workshops, classes, lectures and other theatrical events of the highest quality, conducted primarily in English by a multinational ensemble of professional theatre artists, with an emphasis on the plays of William Shakespeare, bringing to the Czech Republic, European and world audiences English-language based performances that are fresh, bold, imaginative, thought-provoking, and eminently accessible, connecting the truths of the past with the challenges and possibilities of today.

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