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Voorhaft - Cool Stuff (interview)

On design and parties in Tel Aviv.

Voorhaft - Cool stuff is a nice Facebook page collecting all things cool. Mostly design finds and interesting pages. We have interviewed Dan who started this thing and runs it on a daily basis.


Tell us about this project how it started and how long ago.

For the last 10 years or so I remember myself always dealing with designs, art, music and videos. People started sharing lots of amazing things with me while other always asked me where they could find these things and if I can please share them with them. 

I always believed that art works, and that people's talents should be spread in order to inspire others around the world. I then started looking for a nice, easy and comfortable platform to do it on – and a facebook page was the exact platform I was looking for. I believe most people are visiting the page a few times every week…

From there one thing led to the other and Voorhaft - Cool stuff page on facebook was created. 


Is it just a facebook thing or a "real" website too?

As I mentioned before, Voorhaft cool stuff started as a facebook thing, to share easily the cool stuff I find, but the Voorhaft site is in progress and I hope it will be launched very soon…As you can imagine the visual and style aspect is key in this project and this is why the site is not yet ready…   


Where are you from and what do you do apart from this page?

I'm originally from Belgium but have lived most of my life in Tel-Aviv, Israel which in my opinion is one of the best cities in the world (And definitely can say I have travelled a great part of it…:)

Other then this site, I work in the music business as both a booking agent for Israeli top artists and also am very involved with electronic music producers. 

From time to time I promote events and parties in Tel-Aviv…

And most important, trying to enjoy life with my girlfriend, friends and family, traveling the world, listing and producing music and enjoying each day as it comes.


Any other plans/activities we should know about?

There are many surprises waiting but where is the fun if I tell you. 
I am working on a music project, but you gonna have to be patient for more details…


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