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Paul Oakenfold Restyles Himself As a Sex Pistol

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Multi-millionaire trance titan Paul Oakenfold is to release a new mix CD called ‘Never Mind the Bollocks…’s Paul Oakenfold’ in July which he said this week is intended as ‘a straight up two fingered salute to all industry politics’.

According to its accompanying press release the 2CD trance compilation ‘officially announces Paul’s rekindled love of all things Goa’ and represents ‘a complete focus of all energies on the music and nothing else.’

“I’ve always played a variety of records from across the board. I like melodic music with energy and punch,” the former London chef turned definitive celebrity DJ explained, “I can’t think of anything more claustrophobic than being stuck playing one sound.” (

His decision to unashamedly emulate the album title of 70s punk pioneers the Sex Pistols came just over a year after dodgy British politician Geoff Hoon similarly tried to grab some punk authenticity in a bizarre eulogy to Malcolm McLaren.

“’Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols’ is the one must-have album of punk,” the disgraced Defence Minister declared in an interview with the Independent, “It shouted defiance and anarchy, guided by McLaren's brilliant eye for a stunt,” he added. (Independent: )

Skrufff regular contributor Dave Clarke similarly overtly aligned himself with punk in interviews in 2005, though chatting to Skrufff at the time insisted ‘not the Mclaren/Westwood fake shit’.

"Punk means two fingers to authority, kicking against the pricks, being a spanner in the works,” said Dave, “Not towing the music mafia whips’ line, being independent. I still vibe intensely off the music and the ethos.” (Never mind Paul Oakenfold here’s the Dead Kennedys)

Jonty Skrufff:

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