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Patrick Wolf, Palác Akropolis, Prague, 29. 11. 2011

photo: JK

Patrick Wolf's second Czech gig turned out as good as the first one.
The English singer-songwriter played (again) Prague's Palác Akropolis.
The raving punters heard stuff from the Lupercalia album, Brumalia EP and ofrom the previous records including the hits The Magic Position and Accident & Emergency in new, dynamic arrangements, and there was even a fe notes from the famous Boys Don't Cry by The Cure.
Good time was had by all - and it was nice to hear how the band enjoyed the music. Both the band and bus drivers were thanked in the end, which was nice, refreshing and humble.
In our interview before the gig, PW said he is now more a singer-songwriter than a showman, but he managed to be both. Less naked skin than in 2009 when he played here for the first time, but a lot of glitzy costumes, some make-up, and, of course, a great show.

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