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Launch party of - press release

At Dox, Mar 25


Press Release: launch party. 

Party „Against the Grey“. 

DOX.  March 25, 2011. 7 PM.


The new server will be officially launched on the 25th of March in DOX, Prague.

"Proti šedi" means against the grey, dull and boring. is a medium focused on the present, mapping and presenting the interesting and creative part of the everyday life. Thematically it embraces information about the latest cultural events, exclusive interviews with amazing personalities, special audio sets from renowned music makers, new music/books/art/fashion reviews, and lots of interesting information from the cultural background. brings evidence of contemporary promising era, relying on its own spirit and intuition.

The opening party respects these visions.

There will be an artistic programme with the aim to support young artists, introducing works of the leading figures from the Atelier of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. Several fashion shows will take place, featuring renowned street brands as well as young talented designers. The event will feature a special cinema project, presenting a very special guest, founder of the Cinébrut festival, who is bringing exclusive videos. A unique videoart will be broadcasted in DOX throughout the whole event. There will be also a literary session, presenting writers Jaroslav Rudis, Vesna Tvrtkovic and Patrik Hlavsa. 

An obvious part of the programme will be music, ranging from live bands and music artists (Alice Springs Blues band, Lenka Dusilova, James Cole) to performing artists (Prague Burlesque) and electronic projects (Data Live). DJs Josef Sedlon and Roxxor will be amongst the musical guests, too.


Starting at 7 PM. Ending at 3 AM. Free entry.

Dress code against the grey.


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