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Fashion & Style Q+A: Annelie

Annelie is an up-and-coming Swedish singer who is just about to play Prague. Go see her this next Monday (as a part of the "free mondays" series) and take  alook at our short Q&A:


Your definition of Fashion and definition of Style?
I feel like fashion is who you want to be. Style is who you really are (and cannot escape from). 

What do you like most about your job?
Getting surprised and grateful over how music can connect you with almost anyone. 
I also absolutely LOVE to work in the music studio, there is nothing like that.

How do you recharge your batteries?

-Hanging out with my new best baby friend Elis. 
-Dancing a late night out. 
-Staying at my parents house, eating up all their food and sleep on their couch.

-Going out in the woods with comfy clothes and breath.

What makes you happy?
-Rock n' roll from the mid 70's.

What are you doing against the grey (and boring and dull)?
-I like working on lightening up the grey and dull with some neon. Like surfing the web to find glowsticks to my next tour. If it doesn't work, I try to adapt to they grey and dark to embrace it and find something amazing about it.


12/2 FREE MONDAYS w/ Annelie (SWE), support: Awali (CZ)

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