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Art Design Festival In Mikulov

photos: Jana Malečková


Mikulov is a lovely town surrounded by vineyards that is definitely worth seeing. It could be called the Czech, or more likely Moravian Venice, due to it´s atmosphere. This summer, not only wine lovers will be pleased if they visit this town, because the Mikulov castle is hosting a unique display of design, that began with the unusual Czech Art Design weekend, and it won´t finish until the middle of august.


The organizer, the Křehký Gallery (Galerie Křehký), led by Jana Zielinski and Jiří Macek, managed to perfectly combine the beauty of the old baroque castle with modern art and create an exposition that has never been seen in our country before. Only here in Mikoluv you will have the chance to see the project called Archive of miracles (Archiv zázraků), which represented the Czech design at the 2010 EXPO in Shanghai, the stories of limited editions of Křehký Gallery – Křehký stories, photographs from Salima Issy with the title View, the work of a czech designer Ivan Jelínek, who works with porcelain in an unusual way, or experimental work of students from the K.O.V studio at VŠUP (Art and industry college) led by Eva Eisler.


A big part of the exhibition is rightfully dedicated to Daniel Piršč, who lives and creates in Mikulov. His representative collection called Porcelain 1340°C in the shadow is a magnificent and funny piece of art! From his newer work you can see the Bouquet vases and Rosa lamps. Even if you didn´t have the chance to participate in the Daniel Piršč and his band concert, the Sunday picnic on the Holy hill (Svatý kopeček), or any other informal and friendly merrymakings, which were prepared for the opening by the Křehký Gallery, you wouldn´t want to miss this experience. You have time until the 15th of August. You won´t regret it.


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