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Depeche Mode / foto Tomáš Martinek

First to know: Patrick Wolf has just anounced new tour dates. He will be playing Prague's Palác Akropolis on November 29th. Looking forward to hearing stuff from his new album Lupercalia, out June 20th.

Wimbledon Common litter pickers turned Furry sex symbols the Wombles vowed to refuse to help pick up rubbish after Glastonbury this week after Festival chief Michael Eavis said he was ‘cross’ they’ve been booked.

As well as becoming massive pop stars in the 70s with hits including Remember You’re a Womble and the Wombling Song, the band helped pioneer the unusual fetish of people dressing up in fur suits for sex (furries), becoming niche sex symbols in the process.

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oakenfold album art

"This is a short stop motion, knitted adventure about a boy and his cat who travel far and wide to deliver parcels in their little red plane," says its author. "Made in my final year of university."

The movie was made and knitted by Charlotte Blacker from the UK. We know nothing else about her but like her work. And her knitted Earth and Moon are hilarious.


ilustrační foto Adam Fuchs
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