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SXSW Festival exclusive: Part II: Bruce Springsteen speaks


One of the most anticipated events of this year's SXSW festival was Bruce Springsteen's keynote.

Here are the most interesting bits and bobs:


Nora Guthrie starts by speaking impromptu:  Introducing today's musicians as we commemorate Woody Guthrie's 100th birthday.


Jimmy La Fave and Eliza Gylkisson (daughter of Woody Guthrie) take the stage, covering "This Train."  Later, Juanes, a musical artist from Medellin, Columbia performs his songs about the dire situations in Columbia.  LaFave and Gylkisson then rejoin Juanes on stage to sing with the audience, "This Land Is Your Land" by Woody Guthrie--the song that defined a generation's heartfelt love for its country.


Finally, the keynote speech. 


The Boss takes the stage to a standing ovation.  "Why are we up so fucking early?  How important can this speech be if it starts at noon?  Every decent musician is still asleep..."

And then he starts:


"It's great to be in a town with 10,000 bands...back in '64 when I first picked up a guitar, that wouldn't have been possible. that time, we only had 10 years of rock and roll history..."


"You can pick any band...and create your own equation.  It's fun."


"When they sang rock and roll is here to stay, they didn't have any idea how fucking right they were..." continues The Boss.


"For a guy who realizes that U2 is probably the last band whose names of all four members he will know, this is we are in a town with thousands of bands,  each with its own style...the one thing that's been consistent over the years: the power of creativity...there is no right way, no pure way of doing it.  Just doing's all just what you're bringing when the lights go down..."


"Every musician has his genesis moment...mine was Elvis Presley on the Ed Sullivan Show."


"Once Elvis was heard and seen, you could not put the genie back in the bottle...I wrapped my six year old fingers around the neck of a guitar and they wouldn't I just beat on it and beat on it and beat on it.  In front of the mirror, of course....I still do that.  --Don't you?"


"Roy Orbison was the coolest un-cool loser you had ever seen."


[Orbison expressed that ] "Life is tragedy broken by moments of unexpressible bliss that make that tragedy worth it...I was half right--that's pop music."


"The thing that was great about The Animals was that there we're no good-looking members...that was really good for me because I considered myself hideous!...I found their cruelty so free!"


"The Sex Pistols were so frightening...they shook the earth!  ...and if you had ears, you could not ignore it."


"Soul music...very was the music of gritty was the music of sweaty perspiration..."


"It was here among these great African-American artists that I learned my crafts...and they are still my masters."


"I had nights and nights of bar singing behind me to *bring it home*..musicians learn to bring it live...your ticket is your handshake!


"I wanted to grow up...I wanted to write something that addressed my adult concerns.  So I turned to country music and Hank can reduce me even now to tears...working man's blues..."


"Woody Guthrie then attempted to answer the question,'Why does my bucket have a hole in it?' as we sang This Land Is Your Land, ...I saw all people of different nationalities and beliefs...they were all united in this moment."

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