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Young comedian who seduced the sci-fi legend Ray Bradbury speaks out!!

After this full-bosomed intellectual offered her body to a sci-fi legend Ray Bradbury, she became an instant hit of the internet. Before you dive in this exclusive interview, which this twenty-two year old comic, writer and singer gave us, don’t forget to check out her video. Rachel Bloom didn´t film just some sexy vagary. We live in times when teenagers read only in case they have to figure out instructions on the box of condoms. In this dark age, Rachel achieved something extraordinary. She made literature sexy for hundred of thousands of people. And she did it in an incredibly chainless and witty way.
Your video F.M.R.B. had more than a million views, how does it feel?
It's pretty crazy. I knew it was a good video from the start, but I have no idea it would blow up like this. It's just a huge honor to have something on which I worked incredibly hard be appreciated en masse.

How did you come up with this idea anyway?
I'm a sketch comedian so I'm always trying to think of new ideas for sketches. I was reading The Martian Chronicles and I thought, "wow, this guy is so smart, I want to fuck him." Then, I though it would make a funny pop-style song. About 2 years later I decided to record the song and make it into a music video. 

I heard it was a low-budget video, but yet it´s got a really high quality. How did you achieve that?
The high quality look is almost solely due to my director of photography, Paul Rondeau. It was all his equipment and all his expertise. All the assistants he had were my friends working for free. He's just a good friend who is a master of his craft. Also, my director/editor, Paul Briganti, came up with some amazing ideas for extra shots that made it look like a real music video and not just a sketch.  

What is so appealing about Ray Bradbury´s work?
What attracted me to his work in the first place was the mix of awesome science fiction ideas and his emphasis on how humans would deal with these science fiction ideas. All of his works are about humans having raw emotional reactions to crazy things happening. There's a heart and soul in his works which makes me being drawn into both emotionally and intellectually. My favorite work of his is The Martian Chronicles.

What is amazing, that you have actually met Ray Bradbury!!! How did it come about and, of course, how was the encounter?
I met Ray Bradbury thanks to a friend of his who arranged the meeting. I've been in contact with a bunch of his friends. It was really interesting. We talked a lot about his beliefs in the space program and whether or not there is other intelligent life in the universe. He also disagreed with Stephen Hawking's statement that religion and science will always knock heads. 

How do you cope with sleazy comments under the youtube video? Offended, or you just don’t pay attention to it?
I knowingly put a video on the internet in which I'm wearing a very revealing costume. I'm not saying I was asking for sleazy comments, but of course I knew it would happen. Even though the video is a parody of girls being slutty in music videos, I'm not at all surprised that people are taking the sluttiness at face value. It's the internet.  

On the other hand, are you flattered at all by the fact that you have become a sex-symbol for thousands of people?
Ha- wow, sex symbol! You know what? I am flattered. I'm flattered for many reasons, but most of all because I'm a sex symbol within an intelligent piece of work. I'm happy that I can encourage people to associate sexiness with good comedy and appreciation of literature.  

Did the success affect your life? Do you get a lot of working opportunities now?
This video directly led to me getting an agent and a manager for acting and writing. Because of that, I am now about to start writing for a new Fox animated show! So far, I've only been recognized once on the street when I was at work as a singing waiter a few months ago, but it was awesome! 

Are you currently working on some new video?
I am going to film a new video in January as soon as I settle in my new job. I don't want to spoil anything, but it has to do with a mythical creature.  
Text: Petr Kořínek

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