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Xmas With . . . Luke Howard

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“I did all my Christmas shopping at the end of November. I knew I was coming to Brazil so I knew I had to be organised.”

London Horse Meat Disco maestro/ erstwhile Queer Nation legend Luke Howard is spending the Christmas break either DJing in Brazil’s finest alternative nightspots or sunning himself on Rio’s beautiful people paradise of Ipanema Beach.

Skrufff:  What will you be doing on Christmas Day: where will you be?

Luke Howard: “I'll be DJing early in the morning at Dama de Ferro, Rio de Janeiro for their after-Christmas Eve dinner late-night session. And then I’ll be going to the beach on Christmas Day.”

Skrufff: What's been the best Christmas you've ever had?

Luke Howard: “Being on Ipanema beach in 2007, it didn't feel at all Christmas-like which I loved as I am a bit 'Bah Humbug' when it comes to Christmas in London.”

Skrufff: And what's been the worst?

Luke Howard: “I had two friends over to mine for Christmas lunch a few years ago and they had a disagreement about what to watch on telly and fell out. I should've kicked them both out, but I couldn't because it was Christmas, so we endured a very awkward afternoon. In the evening we went to the Eagle (home of Horse Meat Disco) and I got sloshed as it had been such a stressful day.”

Skrufff: What's been the best Christmas present you ever got? and the worst?

Luke Howard: “When I was about 10 my dad bought me a Scalectrix car racing set and I was over the moon. It was the best present ever. I don't know what the worst was. I don't get many presents as an adult so if I get anything it's a bonus!”

Skrufff: What's been the most excessive Xmas party you've attended?

Luke Howard: “I DJed at the Guardian newspaper Christmas party a few years ago. It was a pretty big affair in an unused warehouse space in Covent Garden. It had a 70's theme and they had gone to town on the decor and there was plenty  of free booze and drunk journalists.”

Skrufff: Have you ever regretted anything you've done at a Christmas party?

Luke Howard: “I went to a Christmas party at Heaven when I was about 18. There was a free punch, one glass as you arrived, but I kept going back to the person serving it and getting more drinks. I got blind drunk and snogged a friend of mine - who was very surprised. I took the night bus home and vomited for the whole journey with my head between my knees, when I finally lifted my head I had gone about 3 miles past my bus stop and had to walk back in the freezing cold.”

Skrufff: What's your upcoming release news etc?

Luke Howard: “I have a single coming out under the name Miss Cheesecake next year and am in the studio with Horse Meat Disco working on original stuff with James Hillard, Jim Stanton and Severino.”

Jonty Skrufff:

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