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Xmas With . . . Dusty Kid (Italy)

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“The worst Christmas present I ever had was; without a doubt; a game called ‘Saltaragno’ which literally translates as ‘spider jump’. It was a type of platform with tiny electrical connections related to questions that you had to answer correctly. When you answered wrongly some of the spiders on the platform would jump in your face.”

“The game was supposed to be a kind of cure to my arachnophobia, but it actually didn’t work at all: I cried like hell. I remember it as if it was yesterday but I was only five years old.”

Though his last album was called ‘A Raver’s Diary’ and earlier tracks the Riot, Tsunamy and The Twister were some of the greatest techno tracks of the last ten years, Sardinian 20-something producer Dusty Kid remains wilfully eclectic. Currently exploring a housier direction, he also surprised revellers at Berlin’s infamous Bar 25 in summer when he played an all disco/ pop set that included Madonna’s Into The Groove and the Beatles’ Obladi Oblada.

Underlying everything he does is his love of music and unbridled passion: in particular a passion for partying . . .

Skrufff: What will you be doing on Christmas Day this year?

Dusty Kid: “I was supposed to be playing a gig but now thank God, I’m not so I'll be able to spend it with my family, then afterwards as usual, party until the morning with friends, sharing gifts at our favourite place.”

Skrufff: What's been the best Christmas you've ever had?

Dusty Kid: “Being equipped with the memory of a fish I don’t remember anything that much but whenever I’ve spent it with my family, Christmas has always been good.”

Skrufff: And what's been the worst?

Dusty Kid: “Maybe last year was the worst, I had been partying too much on Christmas Eve and the next day I had a flight scheduled for 2pm but woke up at 2.15pm. As a result I missed both the plane and Christmas dinner with my family and ended up having to buy myself another ticket for a later plane to do a gig that night.”

Skrufff: What's been the best Christmas present you ever got?

Dusty Kid: “The best was probably the first digital piano I was given which means I was able to also play piano at night, I think I was nine years or something.”

Skrufff: What kind of Christmas shopper are you? (Are you familiar with the term 'the Last Minute Shopper ('Staff have to look for a man looking through a wide variety of stock, not knowing what to buy and wearing a blank expression." do you identify?

Dusty Kid: “I’m definitely a last minute shopper, the last gift I buy is usually around 8.39pm on the 24th which is ten minutes after the stores are supposed to close so I always make lots of shop assistants very nervous on Christmas Eve. Then I run home, shower and dinner with the family.”

Skrufff: What's been the most excessive Xmas party you've attended?

Dusty Kid: “That’s a secret!!!”

Skrufff: Have you ever regretted anything you've done at a Christmas party?

Dusty Kid: “I did something that wasn’t really nice one but I don’t regret as such. It was about ten years ago on Christmas Eve when a friend of mine asked me for my opinion about a dress she was wearing. It was a gold dress and I told her the truth: it looked obscene, especially worn by her. She cried for the whole night and within a year are friendship was completely finished. But I have no regrets at all.”

Jonty Skrufff:

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