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UK Riots: Norman Jay Rages About Rioters


London disco-house legend Norman Jay MBE reacted angrily to the riots this week posting a furious tirade on Twitter.

“You know what? maybe 'Vigilantism' IS the only real option,” the Good Times superstar DJ raged, “ those rioting arseholes would understand THAT response (if nothing else) SCUM!” he added.

His rant prompted Twitter follower Paul Gilroy to point out ‘Come on Norman, that's exactly what they were saying about us in 1976, 1977, 1981, 1986 etc.’ though Jay remained defiant.

“Please don't misunderstand me here - it's a different world today - back then we had a REAL cause - this lot have EVERYTHING!” he complained.

The riots prompted widespread speculation that London’s upcoming Notting Hill Carnival could be cancelled, ironically, three weeks after Norman Jay announced he was taking a ‘sabbatical year’ for his Good Times sound system for unexplained reasons.

“It is with real sadness and profound regret that I am left with no alternative but to officially announce today that GOOD TIMES sound system are unable to participate in this year’s Notting Hill carnival festivities,” he announced in a blog posting uploaded on July 21st.

“After endless meetings, countless late night brainstorming sessions and many sleepless nights, we concluded it just wasn’t possible for us this year to present a show worthy of your high expectations of us.”

“So after more than 3 decades of deejaying at the Notting Hill carnival (20 of those at our current location on the corner of West Row and Southern Row) entertaining generations of our fans, the realisation that we cannot be there on August 28th and 29th has been a particularly devastating one for us all to come to terms with.”

“Good Times will not be hosting an official after party either this year,” he added.

“I must stress at this point that the world famous Notting Hill carnival NEEDS to be supported and needs your continued support.

All that remains to be said is that GOOD TIMES would like to sincerely thank you for over 30 unbelievable years of continuous partisan support, not only of our original sound system but of our music events and brand too.

Therefore we very much look forward to seeing you massed around West Row and Southern Row in 2012. So all is not as bad as it at first seems. We will be back!” he vowed.

Diners in Michelin star restaurant the Ledbury, in the heart of the carnival area, were mugged by a pack of 100 masked youths this week who launched a ‘flash mob’ style raid this week, reportedly ripping ‘wedding rings from the fingers of female customers.’

Carnival organizers however said it’s too soon to make a decision.

"We have been receiving questions about whether this year's carnival will be cancelled in light of events in Tottenham and around London over the weekend,” a spokesman told local newspaper the Kensington Informer.

"We think it is too early to start speculating about whether carnival be cancelled, and we will be liaising with relevant partners including the Carnivalists, the Metropolitan Police and relevant local authorities to discuss measures that will be put in place to avoid any untoward incidents,” he added ( )

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