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Two weekends full of design and pre-christmas atmosphere. It's Design Market Winter!

foto: Dyzajn Market 'winter'

Dyzajn Market 'winter' will be held at Václav Havel Square during the 2nd and 3rd weekends of December. Over two consecutive weekends almost 300 designers, authors and artists will meet under one "roof" presenting to the public their various works of - original jewellery, fashion, diaries, toys, accessories and bags mostly hand-made by Czech designers who live for being able to create. /FB EVENT/

The pre-Christmas atmosphere will be accompanied by an interesting programme. You will be able to watch live theatre, not only for kids, book readings, music performances from solists and bands or you can let yourself be tuned in to Christmas by DJ sets.

Carefully selected food and drink stands, not to be found anywhere else in Prague will be at the square on both weekends offering exclusive coffee, burgers, mulled wine, soups, warm mixed drinks and cakes of all sorts. Vegetarians, vegans and raw food lovers will also be well catered for.

Activities intended not only for children will also be prepared in a heated tent.  Include folding origami cranes for a Christmas tree of "fullfilled wishes” with proceeds going towards a children's home. Also presented is a special workshop where you will be able to complete your Christmas preparations: “Write a letter to Ježíšek (Czech version of Santa), make Christmas tree decorations and wrap everything in your own hand painted wrapping paper. It will be also possible to try some of our products and activities for free in the workshops,”  as described by Zuzana Šuleková, one of the two creators of project Pipasik. Experience to a workshop with creators of the newly established National Film Museum NaFilM (Chicago Palace at Národní třída). “Become film makers for a while at Dyzajn Market and bring to life your paintings or seemingly lifeless items! The sky's the limit for fantasy in animation! You will also find out how most of the sounds in your favourite film were created, what a cabbage head, stapler or coffee grinder are used for! If you prefer taking home rather a design item than a film you can make a piece of original jewellery from film negative,” tempts Terezie Křížkovská, one of the authors of NaFilM project. “And anyone who wants to see the film museum itself, can come with us for a guided tour!” adds Adéla Mrázová, the other of the two young women standing behind the project.

It will be worthwhile considering to visit on both weekends as each shall be different from the other. Christmas will be getting closer and you can experience its preparations in a special and pleasant way at the new Václav Havel Square. On top of it all you can bring very original souvenirs and gifts for your whole family from your pre-Christmas visit to Prague. You will not find so many skillful people creating original items from their own designs in any other country. 

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