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Roger Sanchez: Dance music always comes back to house

Roger Sanchez plays Roxy this week. See him on the 25th and read our short chat.
Tell us a bit about your label Undr the Radr, what made you start it?
I have 2 labels - Stealth and Undr The Radr. Initially I started Stealth to release music I made and others I wanted to help introduce,  primarily on the House sound. Vocal, soulful, Latin, etc. Undr The Radr is to showcase a more underground and stripped back sound.
Why is house music here to stay?
All of the current dance music genres got their start from House music which in turn came from Disco and Soul. No matter what the permutation, dance music always comes back to house for inspiration and roots.
Best reason to be a DJ?
I love to connect with and entertain people. DJing allows me to do this while creating a unique experience every time I play. No sets are ever the same.
How do you cope with long nights and a lot of travel?
Lots of sleep (when possible), water, a healthy diet, very limited alcohol and NO drugs. Also lots of vitamin C and supplements.
What makes a great DJ set?
When you can connect with your crowd and take them on a journey, that makes the best DJ sets.
What is your favourite track ever? OR 3?
Too hard a question - I have too many I love.
What is social media for you?
A tool to connect to my audience.
See you at Roxy?
Most Definitely!

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