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Ring Tone Etiquette; System 7: (interview)


Posh people’s etiquette organisation Debretts have recently issued fresh guidelines for mobile phones and ring tones so Skrufff asked a bunch of producers including psy-trance/ electronic legend Steve Hillage (System 7) about their personal preferences . . .



 Skrufff (Jonty Skrufff): What's your main ring tone- and what does it say about you? (Debretts' options include ' head-banging rocker, fashion-conscious teenager, gamer, sci-fi nerd, smooth seducer, tv addict, 'invisible')


 System 7 (Steve Hillage): “To tell the truth I've stopped using a ring tone for the past couple of years. I just have my phone on vibrate - and of course the screen lights up when someone calls. Yes I miss a few calls but if someone leaves a voicemail. I'm usually pretty efficient about getting back. What does this say about me? I suppose I'm being fairly discreet by not having an audible ring.”


 Skrufff: When was the first time you got a custom one?


 System 7 (Steve Hillage): “I’ve never had a custom ring tone. (System 7 partner) Miquette uses a few sometimes. She sometimes has some weird Forbidden Planet/Twilight Zone thing that rings just when I call her - I suppose she assumes I'm going to say something weird and bizarre to her . . .’ (Twilight Zone theme: )


 Skrufff: How important are ring tones for your business?


 System 7 (Steve Hillage): “Now, they’re not at all important. There was a mini-boom in ring tones a while back, which seems to have faded away now. Although we still sell quite a few System 7 track excerpts as ring tones in Japan. They are called ‘Utas’ in Japanese.”


 Skrufff: What winds you up the most about how other people use mobiles (does it bother you if friends have mobile conversations in front of you?)


 System 7 (Steve Hillage): “Obviously when people speak for hours on the phone when you’re trying to have a conversation, yes, it can be very annoying. People having repeated loud business conversations on the table next to you in a restaurant can be extremely annoying, although to be honest I've probably been guilty of this on occasions. I generally try to go outside if I have to have an intense phone conversation at a restaurant.”


 Skrufff: Have you ever had a full-blooded row' on your mobile (ie in front of people?)


 System 7 (Steve Hillage): “Yes.”


 Skrufff: Debretts say 'don't make calls to people from inappropriate venues; a call from a bathroom is deeply off-putting': have you ever done that?


 System 7 (Steve Hillage): “Yes - in the bath sometimes - but I try not to phone from the toilet.”


 Skrufff: Do you have any links where people can buy your ring tones?


 System 7 (Steve Hillage): “Mostly in Japan - but it's all in Japanese. I think iTunes version 10 has a facility to convert tracks that you own into ringtones, but I've never verified this.” (Make free Iphone ringtones: )



 System 7’s latest album UP (released last June) is out now.



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