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Prague Biennale 5: “There is still something undiscovered in painting”

Same Feelings, 84x61,2cm, 2011
Robert Fekete

Robert Fekete is one of the artists presented in the section “Portraits of Powe” at the Prague Biennale 5.

Present yourself in three sentences.

Robert Fekete is a young artist who is part of the new generation of young artists (painters) from Cluj Napoca, Romania. Robert Fekete lives and works in Rome, Italy until 2012 due to a prestigious residence provided by the Romanian State.

Present your work of art at the Prague Biennale.

I’m focused on a kind of ‘fake romanticism’ idea which started from the famous work of Caspar David Friedrich “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog”… My characters are placed in front of a print, landscape designed for interior decoration, made on an entire wall, the difference between my character(s) and his is that Friedrich’s unknown characters are placed in the middle of the landscape whereas mine are placed only in a front of a fake landscape. So it’s not exactly a reflection of people towards works of art and museum... but this kind of feedback is always welcomed.

What is your (favorite) technique? Can you describe it?

Well I don’t know if I can talk about favorite technique. I’m glad to try a lot of techniques, because I’m in an experimentation period, in a full development of my art, but usually I use the traditional technique of oil on canvas and sometimes acrylic oil on canvas.

Do you think that one has to understand art to appreciate a work of art?

Personally I thing that is a huge debate but at same time I prefer to believe that everybody can appreciate a work of art. It’s probably a little bit difficult today with the conceptual art because it can appear abstract for a person who doesn’t understand art… even though in many situations, conceptual art can be more transparent to understand than a lot of old paintings, frescoes which significance remains even today unknown to people who can understand art… as I said, that’s a huge debate.

Do you think that contemporary art asks questions or gives answers?

For me at this moment, contemporary art asks questions rather than gives me answers; I really hope in the near future to have also answers.

You make figurative paintings, which is interesting in a world where conceptual art is very present. Why?

The reason why I make (figurative) painting is very simple… I’m sure that there is still something undiscovered in painting, a big mystery and that gives us a lot of solutions in art. And it’s probably the most honest way to express yourself in art, definitely no offense meant to other mediums. There is also a constant interest in the art world for painting despite to the massive presence of the conceptual art.

Where did you have exhibitions and where will you have the next one (s)?

 I had a group exhibition last summer in Los Angeles at Mihai Nicodim Gallery, now I’m involved in the Prague Biennale, ”Portraits of Power” section curated by Jane Neal and we will see the next show, fortunately I have a few proposals.

What do you do “against the gray”?

I like your website and the English version for its good visibility, I’m happy for your focus and interest on the Prague Biennale 5.

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