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Prague Biennale 5: “Good art opens up things”

Circus 140-190 cm acrylic and oil on canvas 2010
Zsolt Bodoni

Zsolt Bodoni is one of the artists presented in the section Portraits of Power at Prague Biennale 5 (19.05 – 11.09.2011).

Present yourself in three sentences.

My name is Zsolt Bodoni, I am a painter. I was born in 1975 in Transylvania (Roumania). I live and work in Budapest (Hungary).

Present your works of art at the Prague Biennale.

In my recent works I deal with the thematic of history, myth and religion. This issue will be seen at the Biennale.

What is your (favorite) technique? Can you describe it?

I make acrylic and oil paintings on canvas, usually large scale. I like to use special tools to paint with, not just brushes.

Do you think that one has to understand art to appreciate a work of art?

I think that by looking more and more at art, you get to it closer to it. That’s what I do too.

Where did you have exhibitions and where will you have the next one (s)?

My next solo is at Mihai Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.

Do you think that contemporary art asks questions or gives answers?

My personal opinion is that good art opens up things, and asks questions, art is not a platform that gives answers.

What do you “against the gray”?

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