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The Moral Reform - a Ztohoven group latest project

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Moral reform of political scene, initiated by Czech controversial art group Ztohoven, has caused a real panic on the 40th meeting of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic from its very beginning.

In a sophisticated way Ztohoven managed to send 585 SMS messages directly to cell phones of deputies, government members, selected members of the President of Czech Republic office including president himself and selected journalists. Ztohoven found the way of sending the messages on behalf of deputies themselves which caused unexpected surprise turning into a panic.

President of repubic, Prof. Ing. Vaclav Klaus, CSc.,

is sending an SMS to

JUDr. Vojtěch Filip, head of the Communist party of Czech and Moravia.

Your history, as well as mine, is full of acts of shame. Please, accept my invitation to today´s urgent meeting on Moral Reform.

This caused the message appeared on CellPhone display under the name of the sender, as if it were their colleagues writing to them. During the first tens of minutes we were watching - live broadcast from Congress in the Czech TV - targeted deputies staring on their cells, twisting heads, searching for the authors of messages in order to confirm the sender.

Moreover, Ztohoven claim to point out the paradox, that the panic was caused by messages calling for a better behavior, decency through the political scale, returning the morality into political decisions and searching for new ways of negotiation stripped of grudge and prejudices.


Czech society is being formed by frustration and constant growth of distrust in democratically elected representatives. Non transparent economy of political parties and government itselves, scandals, which are being overlooked by their actors refusing resigning on their functions. This way they - in the fact - laugh at the face of their voters.

Moral reform is in a figurative sense name of a parliamentary inscenation expressing the ideal state of relationships in politics, utopic vision of conciliatory communication among the representatives of all parties, different positions and judgements. Intentionally naive and pathetic realisation full emotions presents the importance of return of humanity and moral values back into the political culture.

Demonstration of timeline of The Moral reform project is available at website.

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