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Mogwai: Someone threw a bra on the stage once.

foto: Antony Crook

Mogwai play Prague's Roxy this fall: See them on the 31st of October and read our fresh interview with Barry Burns who plays guitar and also flute.
What is living in Scotland like these days?
I only live there for around half the year (I live in Berlin too), but it’s a great city and so close to extraordinary, beautiful scenery.
I wonder about the title of your new album…? What is it saying?
It’s not saying anything. We just heard a funny story and made the title up from that. 
Your recording are brilliant trips into a beautiful atmosphere. Do you have any pre-recording or pre-gig rituals that help you get into a certain mood, or do you just go and play?
Not really. We treat it very much like work. The studio work is harder than the live work so there’s less time to mess around in the studio.
Also do you wish people did anything special before they hit play (on your music)?
Haha. Oh I don’t know. Maybe buy some bad wine, eat some terrible food, smash the house up.
Most of you have been together in a band since mid 90s, do you feel the dynamic shifts a lot during those years?
Not that much. Maybe in the earlier times but we’re all rounded-out now. 
You have also been pretty succesful in charts, even if you do not have any singalong easy sons - your new album charted 6 in UK albums and 2 in Scottish albums. Does it mean anything for you?
I haven’t thought about what it means until you just asked. I suppose it means that people seem to like our music but it doesn’t really mean anything else.
Is it hard to make a living being a musician of this genre, at this day and age?
Yes. But everything is hard. You have to climb the steps of a slide to slide down it. I wouldn’t like to be just starting up a band these days. It’s very difficult.
This is old, but still - you named your band after a chinese demonlike creature. Why this, and do you have any leaning towards oriental cultures?
Not really. Other than I enjoy visiting so many places in Asia. It’s great to feel how different somewhere else is.
What is your live show like now? Havent seen you in many years (but still remember the mood i was in when i heard you last)
Probably similar to when you saw us last. We’re a bit fatter. Too much food is a problem. And alcohol…
What was the weirdest reaction to your music ever?
Someone threw a bra on the stage once.
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