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I Wear* Experiment from Estonia will come to Cafe v Lese

Support: Free Swim /UK / 23.11.2016
photo: Café v Lese

I Wear* Experiment is a punchy nordic electro trio leaning towards experimentation and cinematic soundscapes. The band began their journey into electronical pop music bringing back the punch and aggressiveness that they feel has gone missing over time. /FB EVENT/

I Wear* Experiment creates edgy big banger beats and synths with a touch of Florence and The Machine like graceful vocals. In a live situation they are visually and sonically impeccable. As described by The Baltic SubDzA fascinating electronic sound that often eschews vocals and goes for a cinematic instrumental approach DzI Wear* Experiment was chosen into the "Top 5 Must-See Artists" list by the Estonian media, at the biggest summer festival in the Baltics, the Positivus Festival. In September 2013 the bands song "Memories" was added to The Indie Rock Playlist compilation: September 2013 along with Bloc Party, The Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand. In December 2013 the bands song "Spring Is Cold This Year" was featured as the official score of 2013 holiday card by the President of Estonia. 

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