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Hairdresser Mark Weston: We are looking for differences!


Mark Weston is a hairdresser and founder of the Trichomania salon. How is it like to be a hair salon owner and where does he go for inspiration?
What have you been doing before you opened this salon?
I was working self-employed, renting a chair, in one of the other salons in Prague for the first couple of years after arriving hare.

Where have you been educating yourself, and who were your mentors/favourite hairdressers?
I regularly go to other salons to get my own hair cut, so i have a good idea of how other hairdressers work. My favourite and strongest influence is Vidal Sassoon.

Where have you trained and how long it takes to become a sure-handed hairdresser?
I trained in a salon in Hamburg, but visited seminars for example at Jingles in London, or at Toni+Guy, when they opened up their Academy in Stuttgart, Germany. You're always learning something new, so the more experience the better, but I cant imagine a hairdresser ever being "sure handed" in all aspects.

You were also working (training?) in Hamburg. People say Hamburg is a buzzin city full of life, also bars, culture and such, do you agree?
Absolutely! ..but it's also one of the greenest cities in Europe and it has more bridges than Amsterdam and Venice together.

Do you ever get nervous when working on a complicated or important hairstyle?
A nervous client can be contagious, but otherwise not really.

What made you want to become a hairdresser?
I started cutting friends hair during a gothic phase in the late 80's. It was fun and led to an apprenticeship in a salon in Hamburg.

Why should people take good care of their hair and have good haircuts?
Its the one thing you are ALWAYS wearing and it says a lot about you.

How many scissors have you lost?
Its difficult to lose scissors. I drop them occasionally and have to send them to Japan for repair, but otherwise i still have my first pair. Just that i don't cut hair with them anymore.

Inspiration behind your last collection?
The last photos were more an intermezzo than a collection, inspired by the pastel, ice cream colours for S/S12. We used blue and green eye shadow to show DIY colour effects that wash off again without commitment.

How did you like Dillon's gig (if you got there, that is)?
It was darker than i expected and I would have enjoyed it even more during that gothic phase i mentioned.

You said on your website that you salon is different - in which ways?
In as many ways possible! Mainly of course my work style, but i wanted that to be reflected in everything else. Being independent allows me to. You'll find a few "firsts" and "onlys" at Trichomania. The question we kept asking ourselves was "how do normal salons go about it?" and then we'd decide on another, contrary option. That's how we found Trinity Haircare, looking for differences!

You are working with your wife. Do you find it hard to have a family firm, and how do you make sure you are not overdosed on each other?
At the moment my wife spends most time looking after our 2year old son, but we're very much looking forward to spending all day together again, as soon as he is older.

You have your own line of products. How did you develop it and what makes it special?
You don't have to develop a product line to have your own brand. Professional companies do that better and it's special because I'm the only one who has it. I didn't want a brand that everyone is using, so i started my own. That was also one of the reasons to choose Trinity Haircare as a further brand. Their product range is quite complete in comparison to mine, but nearly equally unique, because it's new.

You are probably a big music fan since your website also features a playlist... 3 favourte albums of all time?
Newer favourites include The XX and SBTRKT, older favourites include Blondies "Eat to the Beat", The Cures "Three Imaginary Boys" both from 1979 or The Stone Roses from the 90's. its impossible to choose only 3 of all time! :-)

What will be THE hairsut or haircut (or colour!) for spring / summer 2012?
I have no idea! ..but i'll carry on with my favourites. After 10 years of "bed head" looks its time for tidier styes again and cuts with more shape. I think rounder shapes look unusual with added undercuts and and breaks and otherwise i have the impression that punk is coming back and i like that.

What do you say to people who say they can get a hairsut for 200 CZK and see no reason to pay 1500 or such?
Thats completely fine. It's variety, not everybody values their hair that high. I do try to be a good example, though and paid 92,- euros for my last haircut.

Who is the best / most exclusive / most luxurious a hairdresser ever?
Well, they refer to Sassoon as "the man who changed the world with a pair of scissors", which could well be a legitimate claim. But as far as i know he doesn't cut any more. That leaves those who worked with him and then people like Nicky Clarke or Sally Hershberger who charge around 500pounds for a cut. Richard Ward has a luxurious salon in London, but in Prague it's probably Petra Mechurova.

Do you have plans to expand your business, or si a small-ish salon best for you right now?
As a start-up concept my salon is ideal, with the only disadvantage that i have to close it when i'm not there. A small team of hairdressers in a bigger salon would therefore be an aim for the future, but including as many of the advantages of this concept as possible.

What is the best and wors abotu being an independent enterpreneur, and yould you ever have a 9 to 5 office job?
In one word "time" is best and worst, but even though the advantage of a 9 to 5 is knowing when you're off duty i wouldn't want to swap.

How do your organize your time and appintments?
I try to be flexible and find the right balance between family and work time, with generous appointments for clients, but also for myself so i can enjoy my work. that's one of things clients notice.

What do you know about hair and people maybe don't?
Did you know your body produces an average of 10 meters per day?

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