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Eskmo: Alchemy, ice and music (interview)

Brendan Angelides is a San Francisco based electronic music producer who records and performs live as Eskmo. He plays Prague on 14th June and we have asked him a few things.

How did you decide upon this nickname?

After listening to The Residents "Eskimo" 5 days I a row, I realized I
wanted to make a character based around that the themes of alchemy, ice
and music.

Most important career points?
All of them honestly. The big ones and the small.

How is it to collaborate with Amon Tobin?
Amazing. He has been a source of inspiration for me for a long time. One
of the nicest chaps I know.

Favourite food?

Any new releases coming up?
My other project Welder is going to be releasing an album this fall, and
more Eskmo is on the way.

Ever been to Prague, and if not, how do you imagine it?
Never been and I have no idea what to imagine?! Very much looking forward
to it though.

What are you doing against the gray?
I have no idea what this means.

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