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Drag and Drop meets Sakskøbing

foto: pořadatel akce

Sakskøbing is a passionate disco / house record label from Moscow, releasing only vinyl series. The label’s founders are influenced by the Scandinavian house music of the nineties and combine it with a more modern sound. 

Debut record on the label was Nebula EP, the work of Kirill Silantiev aka Sil, one half of Easy Changes project, resident of ARMA17 and one of the founders of Deficit record store and Sakskøbing label. On the second 12-inch press went four compositions from the English producer Tommy Vicari Jnr., third release is coming from Black D aka Ivano Tetelepta straight outta Netherlands.

International approach, openness to interaction with musicians from all around the globe: Sakskøbing is ready to rise up.

Sakskøbing side:
yakovev, YU, Sil.

Drag and drop side:
Chep, brezhnevtm, Sasha Nevolin.

14.1.2017 - Vlkova 699/26, Praha

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