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Do Worry, Be Happy; Kris Menace, Lenny Ibizarre & Steve Mac on DJ Stress (feature)


Scientists in London published the results of a study on anxiety this week and said that while worrying could be unpleasant, the condition could be an essential survival technique for tackling threats.

Carrying out brain scans on 12 men and 12 women as they played video games, the doctor said emotions such as ‘apprehension, dread, distress, and uneasiness’ could be rational responses to danger and also said worrying can help people concentrate.

"Anxiety doesn't bring happiness, but it can bring success, especially when combined with intelligence,” Dr Adam Perkins of King's College London told the Independent.

"Biographical information about Charles Darwin, for example, suggests he was plagued for much of his adult life with severe anxiety, but he was also substantially more intelligent than the average person,” he continued.

"As a result, although he appears to have felt miserable much of the time, his superior intellectual ability meant his anxiety was channelled into the highly-important work of worrying about the origin of species rather than some trifling matter, such as whether or not his socks matched his trousers,” he said (Independent: ).

German tech/ house star Kris Menace ( ) told Skrufff he related, considering himself ‘the biggest worrier alive’.

“I worry about everything and nothing,” said Kris.

“Having said that there was one point ten years or so ago when I was really worried I was about to lose everything I’d worked hard for and as it turned out I actually did lose everything,” he admitted. “So my worries were warranted. Worries are a kind of protection for us.”

Ibiza ambient star Lenny Ibizarre ( ) said he no longer worries much generally after being ‘saved by music and gentle cannabinoidal therapy’.

“And of course, living in the northern hills of Ibiza and producing ambient music all day and night with not a care in the world helps,” Lenny chuckled.

“My worst nightmare these days is having to deal with a sloppy promoter that leaves departure for the airport to the last minute, and if I begin to suspect this may be the case then I can barely sleep.

I hate missing flights,” he confided, “Because I don't really want to spend a single minute outside Ibiza if I can avoid it,” he told Skrufff.

British house producer Steve Mac took time off from finalizing plans for the release of his upcoming artist album Roots to chat to Skrufff, and like Lenny said he’s considerably calmer nowadays than before.

"I use to worry about everything whether it was about what musical genre I was working in and staying on top of what's hot and what's not but then I realised if you just follow what you believe in, it works,” said Steve.

“When I split from my old band the Rhythm Masters I suddenly found myself out there on my own, having to deal with changing management and at the time remember worrying about how things would turn out. Was my solo career going to work? Would I have to start all over again from zero? Those were the kind of questions I typically worried about back then and certainly change is always difficult but as it turned out, everything worked out for the best. Nowadays I really don’t worry.”

Lenny meanwhile, said he’s equally chilled about the upcoming release of ‘25 CD complete binaural beat collection’ he’s scheduled for later this month (more details shortly) though admitted he was less calm in 1998 when he was locked up and interrogated in Tel Aviv airport in 1998 as soon as he walked off the plane.

“Back then the Israeli authorities were really hard on the Goa trance scene so they were actually waiting for me as I landed,” he recalled.

“I remember sitting for hours in my underwear in a concrete hole with two over-psyched agents going at me for hours in that classic Bad Cop/ Psycho cop routine,” he shuddered.

“It finally ended when I- furiously- made them aware that my mother’s mother was Jewish and my entire family fought in the Danish resistance and sent Jews to safety in Sweden and Norway. I didn't tell them that my father-in-law flew bombing raids for Hitler,” he laughed. (DJ Pierre & Kris Menace (Alpha Omega) Angel Alanis Remix: click here to listen.  (Steve Mac’s ROOTS Artist album is released on Saved Records on 16th May (including limited coloured vinyl)

Jonty Skrufff:

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