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Do Not Call Me Babe (or Pudding or Her Indoors)


A new survey of 2000 Brits has revealed that ‘Babe’ is women’s most hated pet name, with ‘Muffin, Puppy, Treacle and Honeybun’ also all appearing in the top 20 worst names used by partners.


The survey for said women’s top three choices are instead ‘Gorgeous, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Lovely’ and also discovered that one in six men secretly refer to the other half as ‘the boss’ with ‘Her Indoors’ also popular. 


'There’s a lot of power in a name and each one throws up different connotations,” said a spokesperson from, “So it’s important to know which ones will flatter a partner and which are definitely not going to have the right effect.’ (Mail:


Details of the survey were published several weeks after a black woman was arrested for aggravated racial abuse after she launched a ferocious rant against fellow white passengers on a London bus, which was posted on Youtube and promptly went viral.


In the middle of her foul-mouthed tirade, however, she suddenly stopped to take a call and answered- remarkably gently- “Hello Babe” before continuing her four letter rant.


“These puppets on the bus, they want to be f***ing black,” she continued.


“They all want to be f***ing black, they all put fat in their lips and their bottoms and sit down on the sun bed to be black.” “Am I lying, am I lying? “No I aint f***ing lying.”


‘I hate white people. I can’t stand none of you,” she added. A 32 year old was subsequently arrested and charged with aggravated racial abuse. (scroll to 1.14 for her ‘hello babe’: NOT SAFE FOR WORK; VERY OBSCENE LANGUAGE THROUGHOUT!!!) (Racist white woman screaming on the Central Line in January; Jacqueline Woodhouse, 42, also : NOT SAFE FOR WORK; VERY OBSCENE LANGUAGE THROUGHOUT!!!)illustration: Topsoft /

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