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DJ Pierre’s Afro-Acid Teams Up With Skrufff


Acid house pioneer DJ Pierre has signed up founder Jonty Skrufff for his DJ/ management/ marketing company Afro-Acid to collaborate together on DJ bookings, remixes and related opportunities.

The link-up sees Jonty lining up alongside an A list roster of producers and DJs including Angel Alanis, Danny Howells, Gene Farris, James Ruskin and Louis Vegas though Pierre stressed Afro-Acid is far from just another DJ booking firm. (Afro Acid Artists: )

“Actually we don't consider ourselves an agency. Our artists are not required to sign a contract or any agreement of exclusivity,” said Pierre.

“We try and develop whatever opportunities we can, sort of like management,” he continued.

“So for instance. I had a DJ PIERRE IPHONE app made recently which is doing well so we’ve expanded that into commissioning an Afro Acid app where all our artists are showcased. And when we do our events we showcase Afro Acid alongside me.”

“Last summer we booked a series of DJs at our Ecuador events and didn't charge a commission. We just made sure their fees were paid. Afro-Acid is like a family. We take care of each other,” explained.

The Chicago born club legend (Nathaniel Pierre Jones) is generally attributed with inventing acid house after inadvertently discovering the acid ‘squelch’ sound when he and his then Phuture band mate Spanky were messing around with a Roland 303 (in 1987). 24 years on he remains one of the world’s most popular house and techno DJs, principally by following a policy of relentless experimentation and innovation.

Coming up with the Afro Acid concept three years ago, he hosts a high profile weekly radio show in Greece, produces a T shirt collection (distributed by BEWOL: and continues to build Afro Acid’s music/ DJ side, with DJs and producers selected primarily on originality and independence of thought (as well as friendship).

“We really don't have a model for selecting DJs. That's the whole point of Afro Acid, it’s not to marginalize and box people in,” Pierre explained.

“Throughout my 20 plus years in the business I've had to fight against that constantly, against people always boxing me into what they think is OK  for me. I am not doing that to someone else,” he stressed.

“If a track is hot, and it doesn't fit the ‘norm’ we will still put it out. If we like it, that's all that matters. If a DJ is taking risks and going outside the box then we want him or her on Afro Acid. We’re artist focused and we’re aiming to involve all of our artists working on remixes. Even if I need to coach them until it’s just right, we take the time to nurture future producers.”

Pierre’s connection with Skrufff was solidified soon after the duo met in a hotel lift at the Amsterdam Dance Event last year, in a serendipitous moment when Pierre also met Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz from Tom Tom Club and Talking Heads and Arthur Baker for the first time.

‘Why have we asked Jonty, well it was a no-brainer,” Pierre laughed, “His style, look and energy screams afro acid!”

“Afro Acid is about thinking outside the box. We broadcast one of Jonty’s DJ mix called ‘God Only Knows’ on our radio show on NRG in Greece recently, which generated lots of comments, interest and questions that normally wouldn't come up if it was a regular run of the mill mix. So at that point we started thinking we should definitely get Jonty involved. And now it’s materialized.”

“We are excited to have Jonty involved because he brings his own audience and an energy that will help move Afro-Acid forwards. So we see it as a partnership . . . as opposed to viewing it as Jonty joining Afro Acid. We hope to get his productions going on the label as well,” Pierre added.

He concluded by outlining his overall concept behind Afro-Acid.

“The vision we started with three years ago remains the same, the movement is growing and in fact we have actually accomplished more than we expected, particularly on the area of producing events.

“We’re currently rolling out a series of monthly parties, kicking off in Glasgow
on April 23rd at underground favorite La Cheetah, Afro Acid Brazil is in the works and Afro Acid  USA and UK and Greece are almost contracted.”

“For the past three years we've also been doing a regular Afro-acid event at ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) starting off at the Melkweg and The Pureliner. We have one-offs all over the world. The purpose of this is to control the event so we can give our artists the stage. The Radio show and Tee shirt line also are in full motion,” he added. (Have you ever been in that place where you made a split decision in the moment and chose to go with your gut-your instinct? If you are nodding yes then it means you, at one point or another, freed yourself from expectations, labels and definitions. Because you have taken the first step towards unleashing all creative power, thought and concept we welcome you to Afro Acid! -Our motto- No boundaries!’)

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