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Disco’ Love Motel Opens In Auckland

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Entrepreneurs in New Zealand’s Auckland have opened the countries first pay-by-the-hour love hotel, offering rooms with themes including Roman Orgy, Kama Sutra and Disco.

Kicking off promotion for the love club this week via a series of radio and local press interviews, owners Fred and Ana Ronnau said the Desire Love Motel will offer visitors the opportunity to be ‘noisy, laugh and play around.” (Sydney Morning Post).

“A love motel is where you find privacy with a touch of class for your intimate moments,” they explained.

“It is the place for fantasies to be fulfilled, the place to be naughty and enjoy all the pleasure that you as a couple can bring to each other. It doesn’t matter if you are in a long term relationship or if it is a one off experience.”

The Disco room costs from approximately 50 EUR an hour (15EUR extra for each extra person) and includes a glitter ball, floor to ceiling mirrors and grungy lighting and décor, and according to their website, is ‘for a private dance’. Larger groups are also welcome, they stressed.

“We also have a space specially designed for parties. It is ideal for Stag Parties, Hens Nights, Swingers Parties, Birthday Parties, Business Functions, you name it,” they added. (Love motels in Brasil: “Managers report a surprising number of single clients, usually men, who often purchase marital aids at the motel shop before heading to their room. Some motels allow groups, while gay couples are said to cause the least trouble . . .’)

Jonty Skrufff:

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