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David Bowles and his über special birthday celebration

pic: David Bowles' archive


Celebrating 40 years of existence should be done differently than a lot of other things.

When the YES PAPA! crew offered me a residency in club YES! opening in April, the first idea that popped out is to throw a birthday party there as a kick-off to my residency.

Without knowing how i would do it or what would be the concept i accepted and thanked the boys for taking me into consideration. It wasn't untill  i played 19.02.11 at the SHOWCASE club in Paris for a friends' birthday that i got the idea. He has produced countless parties in France and worked with french and international talent for over a decade now.

When i saw the flyer i was in shock, they were 24 djs on it !

I was wondering how this was going to work considering that clubs open at midnight in France and close at 6am, 

well it worked amazingly, there was a solid line-up (from one to four djs playing at once) hanging at the decks and backstage and at various spots in the club which is pretty large, one room fitting up to 1500 people.

So you could reAd that for instance you will hear so and so dj play together with three other ones from 3:40 am till 4:50 am, yes, that is four djs during 1:20 hours, what happened is that as a dj, you got to play about 3-4 tracks, but they were your best tracks, and you also did your best as far as mixing and timing tracks with your co-djs, you also had time to enjoy the other djs playing, to communicate with the crowd, dance, drink, party, kiss your girlfriend/boyfriend and still your turn was not over, i was delighted by the fact that this could work and actually be fun.

FUN For the dj's just as much as for the crowd that was excited to see so many people at work, kinda looked like kraftwerk or  any other large electronic act.

So i decided to do the same thing here in Prague for my birthday, Most of my  favourite dj's are invited, some could make it, others are busy out of town but they all asked the same question, how is this going to work? 

I explained how and they all seemed to be satisfied with the answer even though the list was growing longer and longer untill we had to go to print and here we are with 20 djs and 3 vocalists.

I believe this is the first time in Prague all those djs are playing at the same night in the same club under such an organized concept and hope it will be an unforgettable event as i don't intend to turn 40 again.

Needless to say that the sound in YES ! club is probably on of the best in the Czech Republic in terms of quality, it is smooth and powerful. I already had the pleasure to play there and i speak from my own experience, not from what the sound engineer promised.

So make sure you are well rested and put your stupidest party clothes on including sunglasses and hats, get there early because there will be no warm-up djs. Open doors at 22:00 and my present to everyone is free entrance, friends or not. (there is no guest list tonight!)


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