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Danny Howells: Queen: Somebody To Love

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Danny Howells has a new release underway. But what was the first record he bought? Jonty knows.

Skrufff: What was the first record you bought?

Danny Howells: “The first record I remember buying was ‘Somebody To Love’ by Queen. My Nan took me to the record shop so I could buy it. I had records before that that had been given to me, but they were things like the Laughing Gnome (David Bowie) and Mike Reid's Ugly Duckling. Very Balearic.”

Skrufff: Did you ever follow any particular music movements before dance music?

Danny Howells: “My first real obsession as a teenager was Bowie, but I never dyed my hair or stored my own urine in the fridge. I was a heavy Cure fan and became a semi-goth - I couldn't go all the way though as I was heavily into Prince too and found it easier to sew flowers onto my trousers than crimp my hair. I kind of went off Prince when he did Batman, and my parents started to accept him.”

Skrufff: How and why did you first get into dance music? How well do you remember your first rave? Nightclub experience?

Danny Howells: “I was very into disco as a kid, and in the 80s I was fascinated by the extended mixes that were on all 12" singles. I loved labels like ZTT - artists like Propaganda were dance music to me. I can't remember my first "rave" exactly although I spent every weekend in The Crypt in Hastings, and on "dance night" you'd hear half-hour of acid house followed by George Michael and Luther Vandross for the erection-section.”

Skrufff: How much do you identify with the music you make now; and how much do you find people you're friends with  like the same music?

Danny Howells: “I have to identify with the music I make - I couldn't churn out pop just for the cheque-book. I'm not sure how many friends have the same kind of taste as me though - many of my friends are my age and don't really listen to dance music any more. If they do they'll probably dig out some old Cream compilation from the early 90s.”

Danny will be releasing his first ever Dig Deeper label compilation in April, featuring tracks and remixes from the likes of Dave Angel, Russ Gabriel, Benny Rodrigues, Sigha, Furney, Total Science, plus his own work.

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