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Join us in the summer and reap the juiciest fruits of the Czech documentary harvest of 2013! The selection of five diverse documentary films shows a unique variety of themes and approaches which have found their way into Czech documentary in the past year. A probe into children’s show business, a confrontation with a Kafkaesque bureaucratic apparatus and other film meals are served from July 7 to 13 for free!
Let’s celebrate the successful conclusion of the 25th edition of the Doc Alliance festival FIDMarseille, renowned for its care for demanding documentary works! Watch several films which have won the favour of strict film critics as well as the hearts of French audiences in 2013. Let’s recall the unique documentary winners of FIDMarseille in the week from July 14 to 20 for free!
What is contemporary student documentary film like? What names should you definitely remember? A cross-section of the most remarkable works, including a film poem, a report and graduation films, from various study years of the Department of Documentary Film of the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) is available at from July 21 to 27 for free!
What do we have in store for you for the second half of the summer? The FIFA World Cup is over, however, don’t take your eyes off Brazil yet! On the contrary; focus all your senses on the unconventional documentary spectacle brought to you by in co-operation with Brazil’s É Tudo Verdade (It’s All True) festival. The portal will get dressed in green and yellow in August!
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