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Crazy Colour (Pink) Comes Back

Guardian fashion critic Eleanor Morgan singled out the re-emergence of 80s style super-bright coloured hair styles this week, noting the celebrity heavy clientele visiting new Hoxton hair boutique Bleach. ( )

Singling out their ‘popular dip-dye trend (where only half the hair is bleached and is then coated in a radioactive-looking dye’) as the key look, she also suggested Lady Gaga helped spark the look.

“Forget asymmetry and funky shaved bits, the latest hair trend is colour. In the most garish shades possible,” said Morgan, “It's fair to say bright hair – particularly pink – is having A Moment.”

The Lady Gaga inspired look was previously singled out by the Sunday Times (in September 2009) in a feature which asked their readers ‘Will you dare to wear extreme make-up?’

“For the first time in a long time, artifice is no longer something to be ashamed of,” said the Times, “For an industry often criticised for its narrow prescriptions of beauty, the future sounds almost as bright as the shades some of us are sporting on our faces this autumn.”

Jonty Skrufff:

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