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Christmas Tips

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Debretts’ Cautious Christmas Tips

Etiquette organisation Debretts advised people to avoid giving over-flash ‘competitive’ gifts to others this year and to act pleased when receiving unwanted Christmas presents.


“Quite often Christmas is the only time when friends and family get together and it is important you know how to deal with them politely”, Debretts manners chief David Miller recommended, “It is best to bury the hatchet in the spirit of the season.” (Daily Express)


His decidedly sober advice differed markedly to their online guide for boozing with Brits which began with the warning ‘despite their reputation for reticence and reserve, British people love to drink.’


Though going on to note that ‘the true drunk will inevitably be regarded as a social pariah’ Debretts nevertheless cautioned that ‘complete abstinence can sometimes seem rude, anti-social and holier-than-thou’ and recommended moderate drunkenness as the correct social option.


“The graceful drunk is always thinking beyond their immediate environment, alert to the warning signs of impending intoxication, and goes home before it ends in tears”, Debretts declared, adding, “Never get drunker than your love interest.” (Debretts: )


In more party etiquette news. The BBC considered the thorny topic of ‘should you bring your partner to the office Christmas party’ concluding that only if you’re totally confident your partner will behave.


"Bringing a partner can undo all the good you've done through the year with your reputation", business etiquette expert Judi James warned.


"Rather like your mum coming to the school to pick you up, there's something about partners - they think they can say anything they like”, she suggested.


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