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Charlie One: New Ohm Square Stuff And Clothes That Fit

foto Michal Pekárek

We really like Charlie One. She is the singer with Ohm Square and a renowned party girl. We caught up with Charlie One in Berlin and were curious what she was working on... and what drinks were on her table.

So you were in Berlin, what were you doing there?

It was my birthday on Saturday so I decided it would be nice to spend the weekend in Berlin. I have some friends there so I had somewhere to stay. 

Were you relaxing there, or were you doing some work also?

Working hard at relaxing :)

Some drinking and partying?

Drinking? Partying? Well of course! ... Friday night we went to a cool little bar in Kreuzberg for a couple of hours. Nothing major, just a couple of drinks & chatting with my friends who live there (1 English guy with his German girlfriend). There was a DJ playing house music & people were dancing around a bit. Nice atmosphere. 

On Saturday night, Kreuzberg again. We had a drink in a little bar where there was a DJ who had a microphone!! & was introducing the records, cheesy DJ styley ... It was funny. The sound was pretty awful but it didn't really matter. Then we went next door to LIDO. It's a cool club. We had to queue outside for a while in the rain, it reminded me of London in the old days. 

At Lido it was SOUL & FUNK night! What a blast! We danced all night to oldies such as John Lee Hooker, Aretha Franklin, Muddy Waters... to different versions of all sorts of known songs in a soul/ funk/ Rhythm n Blues/ Swing style. An English friend who recently moved from Prague to Berlin joined us. We visited this little outside area a few times for a smoke & strangely ended up jammin' there with the same few people ... in the end we just called ourselves THE BAND ... My boyfriend was the Didgeridoo, my friend Neets & me on vocals (& I also impressed them all with Donald Duck sounds to the beat) & the other random people were joining in however they felt best. It was a good laugh. We stumbled out of there around 6.30am....   

On Saturday daytime we went & did some shopping in Prenzlauer Berg. I had on my mind some things I could really do with: A warm pair of WATER PROOF boots, some trousers that FIT, a Winter coat.... BUT... I bought 2 x all-in-one purple jump suits, a pair of outrageous white shiny boots, a thin Spring jacket ... you know ... it's always like that isn't it... you never find what you 'need'. Which places did you go to?

Out in Kreuzberg both evenings, shopping in Prenzlauer Berg, Art gallery in Mitte... 

Is Berlin expensive or not? 

Hard to say. I guess that drinks are around the same price, you find more bargains when clothes shopping than in Prague & so many more cool things! I spent well over my limit ... oops ... 

 What food did you eat in Berlin?

On Saturday evening we went for dinner at a place called Drei Schwestern. It is an old converted hospital. A beautiful brick building. Really nice food & very affordable actually. Falafels on Sunday. There is so much choice of great food there. 

Seen any exhibitions?

Yep, on Sunday we got out pretty late after getting to bed so late.. but we still made it to a couple of galleries in Mitte because the galleries are open late. 1 was particularly cool. It was called MMX Open Art Venue & was in an old, quite derelict building.

 Which stuff are you reading now, and what are you listening to?

I am reading Allen Carr's The Easy way to give up smoking. I asked my parents to get it for me for my birthday. You know I am very GOOD at GIVING UP smoking... I do it almost EVERY WEEK!!! I am sick of it fuj fuj fuj!!! So I decided to finally get some extra help in this book because I have not managed to quit with Will Power alone. Wish me luck . . .  Listening to random music as always, nothing specific. Listening to the BBC a lot. Keeping up on the fascinating situation that's going down in Egypt right now. Wow. Egyptian Spring... 

Which is the next place you are going to go to?

No idea. Perhaps Paris soon with my guy. Hopefully New York this summer. 

What projects are you working on? Any gigs, releases planned?

We are doing some new stuff with Ohm Square. We have found a different way of writing, through a looper. So we are experimenting with that. We're in the process of shooting a video for Ohms too. I am working on a song with 1 cool Czech artist for his album. Also working on my solo project between everything else. Playing gigs from time to time with a few musicians, playing cover songs which is really good fun. 

What do you do against the grey?

Um ... just being me I guess ... ;) 



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