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Blatta + Inesha: true Sicilians

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The Italian DJ duo Blatta + Inesha is gaining popularity and plans to play Prague on January 28. Read our interview and see them at the Chapeau Rouge club soon!

Could you introduce yourselves to our readers in one sentence?

i was about to say something but then i read the second i would say that we are two kids that produce music and that play that music on the weekend...


Is it true that you are real funny Sicilians with tattoos all over?

we are trying to do our best!


Is it hard to become internationally famous when you are Italian?

it's definitely hard to be more famous than berlusconi and get the same ammount of chicks!


What music did you grow upon?

i guess blatta which is a fucking hippie would say Pink punk first and hip hop next...


How did you become musicians?

i can't really consider myself a musician but i bought my first sampler in 2001 and blatta which is a hippie started playing hippie music as a guitar player, then luckily he met me!


Is it important for you to look good? How would you describe your

style of clothes/image?

country dandy. you'll see!


Other plans before or after your gig in Prague?

beer, beer and beer. after maybe absinth...and then if they will let us get on the plane we'll go on our tour in Australia.


Our server is called Proti šedi which means "against the grey", grey

being the boring, dull part of everyday life - we aim to support the

creative side of this world. What do you do against the grey?

we don't take anything seriously! :)

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