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Balaclava Beach Fashion / Facebook Function

pic: Martin Backes


Fashion conscious swimmers in Qingdao, China have started wearing full-face multi-coloured bathing masks to protect themselves from both jellyfish and unsightly sun tans.


“A woman should always have fair skin,” one mask-wearing bather told the New York Times, “Otherwise people will think you’re a peasant.” (New York Times: )



Details of the rising popularity of the high-fashion ‘face-kinis’ emerged as Germany privacy campaigner and artist Martin Backes revealed he’s tweaked the designs of his soon to be launched ‘Pixelhead’ balaclavas, replacing stretch satin with ‘elastic fabric for beach fashion and sports gear’.


The artist is producing a strictly limited edition of 333 headpieces, available to order via his website.


“The full face mask Pixelhead acts as media camouflage, completely shielding the head to ensure that your face is not recognizable on photographs taken in public places without securing permission,” he explains on the site, “A simple piece of fabric creates a little piece of anonymity for the Internet age.” 

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